Quick Spoilers: Avengers #21, That Time The Avengers Went Nude Hot-tubbing

Avengers #21 is in stores tomorrow. It features a scene that Blind Adam will surely love. The Avengers hot tubbing naked. Check out the spoilers below.

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11 thoughts on “Quick Spoilers: Avengers #21, That Time The Avengers Went Nude Hot-tubbing”

  1. Basically saying Jen is one of the guys now. Not surprised since her present role has ruined everything she used to be( mature/sexy strong athletic woman)

    1. You can blame Thanos for that. He’s the one that beat her stupid and killed War Machine. it led to a little event called Civil War II.

  2. the new look she hulk doesn’t do it for me .I miss the classic sexy 180s-1990s she hulk #testify blind adam out and chyina played a great she hulk #testify

  3. I actually enjoyed this one. It’s felt like the team was thrown together but in with a mix that’s not familiar/comfortable with each other and in a place that’s never felt like Avengers Mansion. They’ve needed some team chemistry developing and around the mansion type situations for a while now. Reminds me a bit of the of days when Tigra was living in the mansion, running around putting Jarvis in uncomfortable situations, Beast and Wonder Man painting the town red, etc.. it’s not a home if you don’t do some living in it!!!!

    Also not uncommon to the naked hot tubbing and skinny dipping thing either. It’s fine as long as everyone keeps their space which was visually evident and playing with your hammer is kept to a minimum.

    Throw in some development to the Phil Coulson Squadron Supreme story arcs with appearances, a cool new Ghost Rider flaming boat and Boy-Thing going off to help Blade set up his next big story and I couldn’t ask for much more other than maybe checking in with the Million Year Old Avengers again to see how they’re doing.

    Two WET Thumbs Up for this one!!!

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