Wednesday Open Forum


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 246th edition of the open forum!

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

46 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. Picked up…

    Miles Morales Spider-Man #8
    War of Realms Omega #1 1:50 1st Jankeryie
    Go Go Power Rangers #21 1:20 1st Crazy Purple Ranger
    Second Coming #1
    Marvel Two In One #54 1st Screaming Mimi/Songbird a couple more.
    Ultimate Fantastic Four #22

    1. Master of Kung Fu #17
      Power of Warlock #2 & #3
      Incredible Hulk 258 (1st Soviet Super Soldiers)
      Rom #1
      West coast Avengers 46 ($1 bin)
      Ult FF 21,22,23 for $9.99 just before they lit up again.
      Savage She Hulk #2t
      Cap America #354 ($1 bin)

      Reaver x2
      Power Rangers 21
      Wotr omega
      Secret Warps Weapon Hex x3 (cool book & a first…I recd it)
      Miles morales

      Great week! Happy hunting!

  2. Broke down and picked up a nice looking copy of ASM 33 for my PC this week… now trying to shake the itch off for a 31…

  3. right now I am picking up miles spiderman #8 &flash #74.watching a copy of x men #94 . buying a squirrel girl costume for a short movie I ammaking #testify hellonurse . buying garbage pale kids cards in the movie worth watching?and trying to see if venus from the tmnt made a comic book appearance.i think the new female turtle will eed cost play love red bull still needs 40oz cans and pizza hut needs to make blue cheese stuffed stuffed crust pizza love you all blind adam out

    1. I just bought from them a few weeks ago. I’ve ordered from them a couple of times. They are good and a lot of time you can get books hot in U.S. that are not up to speed there. But shipping is a killer.

      1. Thx. I bought a ‘hot’ book from them last week, at a great price. They still haven’t marked it as shipped. The guy did answer my email, but the message he sent didnt really install any confidence that I will see this book delivered. Ill keep CHU posted as to what happens.

        1. You know what’s more annoying than a seller that takes days to ship out books (I get it, some try to do a big weekly pack and ship type of method)?

          It’s when a seller likely marks it as shipped by printing the label and then it’s not actually dropped off in the mail until 3-5 days later.

  4. My pickups for the week: Pre code Chamber Of Chills and Weird Science-Fantasy, Moonstone, Moonstone and more Moonstone

    1. Yes Hulk #228 is nuts now. Bought highgrades few weeks ago 4 regular 2 the rare Whitman variant all for less than $10 each now going $150 crazy.

  5. Man what an awesome three weeks I’m having!
    I got MCP 5 and 6 (three copies each) a couple weeks ago,
    7 Stan Lee Zombie Tramps last week
    2 TMNT 95 B
    1 TMNT 95 Retailer incentive
    2 TMNT 51

    And every single one was cover price or less!!!!

  6. Safe to complain about what didn’t happen in Venom 16 that’s already happened prior to Venom Annual while trying to figure out where it happens in between the two? Did I miss a solicitation somewhere?

    1. In the US lower 48 States. I’m not here to sell or promote myself and I prefer the option to express myself without having to filter every thought against how politically correct it is on the fear of no matter which side of an issue you’re on, you have customers on the other side you’re offending by standing up for your own. It also allows me a little more freedom tossing spec tips occasionally. There’s plenty of places I can talk my head off already but it’s nice to have a place to take a break from it all and just say what I really think.

      As for the Venom thing, the issues are fine story wise but I was expecting Eddie to get back together with Venom since the two are already back together when the Annual starts. There’s a story there I was looking forward to that isn’t in any issue I know of yet about how they reconciled and got back together.

      Note# check out the ice cream sundae on the cover. It couldn’t be as simple as Venom tricked Eddie into eating him could it? That can’t be Jarnom since he’s busy playing with Conan and already out of the bottle.

      1. I almost reregistered as Green Stabby yesterday just to get a fresh start. I just knew if I did I’d be unable to resist the urge to register Blonde Stabby and then argue with myself!!!

        1. It was annoying but it sort of falls into the misdirection theme he’s been playing so far. That’s what has me thinking maybe he really was in the ice cream on the cover. Maybe he thinks it’s a delusion but it really wasn’t. Not the best art either but still better than that indiscernible villain power usage in Naomi 6. No matter how bad something is, DC can usually find a way to top it.

  7. Before going to my LCS where stuff is on hold took my weekly early lunch (benefits of working from home full time) and hit the honeyhole to get multiple reavers. The 1 power rangers they had and the black cat carnagized (which may not go up but looks great)

    1. If you ask now they may have more coming next week or the week after. I’ve got 6 cover A’s I ordered Monday coming next week on my invoice and probably 60 more A, B & C’s the following week if they don’t ship uninvoiced next week. I just can’t figure out how they managed not to ship any of the Walking Dead 193’s I ordered last Monday this week. All 315 copies on the invoice for next week. If I sell one of the copies on hand a day I’ll run out before I get restocked. Sold out of TMNT95 last night so it looks like next week for 20 A’s and B’s to arrive and 20 more of each maybe a week later. I’ve already got new people signing up for 97 thru 100 because of Green Stabby.

  8. Champions 7 just tied into Amazing 9 and 10 and may be looping back to that story line for #8. Nothing spec worthy yet may move a few Amazings off the shelf this week.

      1. The “Assessor” is in the book. That’s the robot guy thing doing the work but what’s the big deal about him? It sounds like a minion/construct for someone else, apparently the “Executive Board” he keeps referring to. Sounds like an automated mechanical tool more than a master villain with huge spec potential. There’s a couple lab techs in smocks doing similar things but at least they appear human.

        1. Reminds me of HERBIE which is worth about $10 for Fantastic Four 209 after 40 years and a television prehistory behind it.

        2. Oh I misread the part where the minion guy referred to himself in 3rd person wrong. “Assessors executive board report continued: subject 002-004…” I thought he was a board member.

          1. nvm about that, I originally thought the main bad guy called himself the “Assessor” because he assessed people in his secret laboratory and had board members working for him and his board was assessing miles Morales, and the robot minion guy was just a robot minion guy. But it makes sence if the robot minion guy is called the Assessor, my main point from my first post is that this issue isn’t as important as the next one will probably be because the main bad guy will probably appear in the next one. Even in the description of the next issue it hints at it:
            If Miles is going to escape this new villain, their shadowy masters and diabolical tests, he’ll need help! Good thing his dad’s a former Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.! And there’s no price Jeff wouldn’t pay to get his son back. But the trade may come back to haunt them, as one of the most formidable foes Miles has EVER faced RETURNS!

          2. Maybe we could get a team up story arc with the Recorder and him on a mission for the Collector in the next Hercules mini series. There’s got to be an Auditor out there some where we could work into the story.

  9. I lost the Invisible Woman conversation. I just read it and I can handle the story itself but it feels by defining the timeline for the intro at 10 years earlier they’d have to push the birth of the kids back to before the trip to space and the marriage later to make it work.

    GO Go 21 is starting to get higher prices and go go away from E-Bay. #20 only had 8784 copies out according to Comichron so I imagine 21 is in that range as well.

  10. I got the autographed Unearth and Sea of Stars today in KC. The artists and writers were awesome, got the Unearth special B. R. cover limited to 200. Got Jason Aaron to sign a ton of books, cool guy.

    1. Wolverine + Captain America Weapon Plus is heating up. There are some lower priced “presale” listings but otherwise 1. Not many 2. Higher priced otherwise.
      Not a highly ordered book from I can tell to begin with.
      Hand or not..1st talk of Weapon XXX & tie in to future plans.

      1. You mean those one’s already sold for $150? Let’s check the math. E-Bay and Paypal taking maybe $19.50. Cost is $100 so that leaves $31.50 for standing in a line of 200 people to pick it up, then toting it around a convention for hours trying to keep it safe and if you don’t ship that night, probably hoping your motel room or car isn’t broken into while you’re at the convention the next day.

          1. I saw a best offer accepted in the completed sales so someone accepted even less. I just can’t see the level of effort and risk involved for a presale of such low % return. It sounds like instead of paying a fortune to attend an event, they’ll be spending a ton of the time they could have been enjoying the event standing in lines trying to make peanuts IF nothing goes wrong between there and delivery.

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