Mel V.’s Variants of the Week for July 10, 2019

What up CHU? Mel V. here with the Variants of the Week. I’m terrible sorry for the lack of good reasons on why I picked the variants that I do.. one of the readers asked if something was wrong. Yeah a ton of stuff has been on going on in my comic life and I’m running late for getting this article out so this time there will be a real quick breakdown again. Next week I promise I will be back in full comic mode. Sorry again for the half assedness of my reasons.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 #25 Cover H Incentive Greg Smallwood Variant Cover – Looks like a possible 1st appearance in here .. $7.99 cover sheesh, will stores even order to qualify for this variant?

Black Cat #2 Cover B Variant Mark Brooks Carnage-Ized Cover – y’all know I hate doing theme variants but this is sooooooo good, cover of the year candidate.

Black Cat #2 Cover E Incentive Terry Dodson Hidden Gem Variant Cover – Once again another on point Black Cat Cover ..and yes I said it again Cover of the year Candidate

Black Hammer Justice League Hammer Of Justice #1 Cover D Variant Jeff Lemire Cover – I put this on here not because its a great cover, I put it here cause I cant wait to check this one out.. this should be great

Ghosted In LA #1 Cover B Variant Sina Grace Cover – FOMO pick. I think this might be a sleeper, I dunno why but I do

Red Sonja Birth Of The She-Devil #2 Cover G Incentive Lucio Parillo Hue Virgin Cover – Parillo and Red Sonja have been a match made in heaven lately. I’m scooping the virgin if I see it for cheap

Second Coming Cover B Variant Richard Pace Cover – Controversy sells. I’m sure stores upped their order ..lets see what this book does if mainstream media gets another hold of the book

Venom 16 Cover B Variant Ron Lim Carnage-Ized Cover – VENOM…CARANGEIZD…UMMM YES PLEASE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wolverine vs Blade Special #1 Cover C Incentive Gabriele Dell Otto Variant Cover -Blade, overall Badass, versus Wolverine, legendary badass DEL OTTO, artistic bad ass… and you get BAD ASSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!

7 thoughts on “Mel V.’s Variants of the Week for July 10, 2019”

  1. “Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 #25 Cover H Incentive Greg Smallwood Variant Cover – Looks like a possible 1st appearance in here .. $7.99 cover sheesh, will stores even order to qualify for this variant?”
    Stores had an extra Meet or exceed discount with this one so many probably did hit that mark or better just to get the extra discount. I only needed 14 copies to qualify myself so that’s all I grabbed since I figure it’d be heavily ordered and not in demand enough to justify buying another 11 comics even with the extra discount. General rule is if I’m in the ballpark, we bump a little to grab ratios. If not it’s gotta wow or be requested.

    1. on the Diamond Website its listed as a 1:50

      (NOTE: You may order 1 variant for every 50 copies you purchase between the combined total of any Amazing Spider-Man #25 covers, excluding ratio variants.)

      1. Good catch, I confused the issue number he posted for a ratio number of 25 qty. Posting while the coffee’s still brewing.

        1. Hipp was the 25 qty variant. There was a 100 and 200 also so with the discount there was incentive for stores to chase them which would have probably 4 copies ordered for every 200 qty ordered. More for those who only chased the 100 qty which was probably my favorite visually especially with the old school look and Stan and Steve’s signitures on the cover.

    1. Discount Code H which means no one got more than 40% Off and had to pay shipping to get it. Some accounts would only have been at 35%. You’re going to have to find someone dumping it to get that one cheap.

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