Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 98

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. This will be short and sweet. Getting ready for SDCC. Can’t wait to be at my first SDCC. Excited for everything. I will be chilling in Vegas before the show so hit me up at if you want to chill or grab a slice of pizza. I have been teasing Tony about it, and went back and watched it, and want to say, The Bad News Bears is not a PC movie. I was amazed on how crazy good it was. I also enjoyed War of the Realms Omega, Batman #74, and Amazing Spiderman #25, they were all great reads. I wish Dr. Pepper would stop with the limited edition cans for every marvel movie and now we can make some money with some comics, because you can’t teach that!

1. Harley Quinn #20– This is for Tony, because of the baseball cover. It is a nice pick up for fans of Harley Quinn as she is getting a big push at SDCC animated series coming out it is baseball season and it is just a fun cheap comic $2-5

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Winter Special 1994– With TMNT #51 and 95 blowing up, and credit goes to my homie Topher S for this tip to me, but in this comic by Archie comics April O’Neal becomes a turtle. I could not find a comic with Venus in it. But this is the first female turtle. $5-10

3. Incredible Hulk #1 Wizard Ace Edition – remember the Wizard mail in comics? Ashcans, 1/2 numbered issues, and especially the Ace Edition Plastic Covers? Donny Cates recently talked about bringing the magazine back. Nineties goodness all around. I am shocked that they go for next nothing on the aftermarket. Key reprints such as the Incredible Hulk #1, Amazing Spider-Man #14, Madman #1, all for under ten bucks, $5-10

4. Strange Tales #97 – OK, not a cheap gem. I just really like this book and I am on a Marvel prototype kick right now. This is the true first appearance of May and Ben Parker, pre-dates Amazing Fantasy #15
by two months. Just buy the grade you can afford with pre-code horror and golden age books blowing up, it is only a matter of time before the marvel prototypes do the same

5. Suicide Squad and The Banana Splits #1 – this is in the cheap boxes at stores and shows. New Suicide Squad movie, first modern appearance of the Splits, with a new movie on the way just a fun book that might see some action $5-10

6. The Banana Splits Gold Key #8– final issue of the original Banana Splits comic series. I am looking forward to the movie. Well, #1 is the first splits in comics but #8 is the final issue in this

7. Batman #90 – another Baseball cover (I have a theme here), golden age, and just a fun find if you can find it once again just find the grade you can afford $50 and up

8. Mondo Roger Rabbit Soundtrack– this year, Mondo is bringing some sweet exclusives to SDCC. My favorite is this variant to the Who Framed Roger Rabbit soundtrack. Love the art and Mondo is just amazing already selling for between $50-70

Well that is it for this week. love you guys, see you again in two weeks

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  1. “In the Image Comics series, writer Gary Carlson received only a few rules on what not to do, one of which being: “No female turtles.”[3] Venus was, however, parodied in the twelfth issue of the third volume, when an alien named Lurch transformed into a female turtle looking very similar to Venus.[4] Some issues were even advertised with the slogan: “No girl turtle guaranteed.”[5] In the Archie Comics Venus was actually preceded as a female Turtle by April, who was briefly mutated into a Turtle with a white mask in one issue.”
    From Wikipedia

  2. thanks for the wickapeda link b.j. and the april book does well for me now cost. play sir same with venus I see the new female turtle jenna being a cost play all star plus putting the winter special on the wall next to s#51&95 just helps it sell plus my copies are going to get signed by the real life april oneal love that girl #testify blind adam out

    1. Hey, if u need help out in sdcc let me know , the wife and I will be there with the little one. If u want I can drop u my number.

      1. I hate my old iPad. Damn thing does weird stuff all the time.

        The offer stands , if u need help just give me a jingle.

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