WINNER ANNOUNCMENT for the SDCC MMPR and Angel Variants Giveaway

A huge thank you to the sponsor of these books. He was on hand at SDCC and wanted to give back to the CHU community some books that some people never get a chance at.

So this is to announce the winners.

The first prize was the Might Morphin Power Rangers #40 Orange Ranger Variant seen here.

The second prize is for Angel #1 SDCC 2019 BOOM! Exclusive Variant.

Now, the winners.

The winner of the MMPR #40 Orange Ranger Variant goes to………

Joseph Fraser

And the winner of the Angel #1 variant goes to…..

Miecree Cannon

Congratulations to the winners. I’ll be sending out emails to notify that you’ve won as well but you still have 24 hours or we’ll give your prize to someone else…  muhahahaha!

Another big thanks to the sponsor, who stood in lines and dealt with the crowds to give away some great books.

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