21 thoughts on “Spoilers: Justice League Odyssey # 12, A Hero Falls”

  1. I can’t say I’ve been enjoying this series but I have been hoping it’d end and get her back to Earth or at least into something suited to her more than JLO felt like at the start of the series. She grew on me slowly but steadily as Earth’s official Green Lantern learning to make constructs.

  2. Shes mentioned in the solicitation for issue 15. Unlike Marvel, we know Warner Brothers is heavily involved in the comics and you really think they are going to kill off Jessica Cruz? For Real? LOL. She is the future of the Green Lantern franchise. Get it together gentleman.

    1. I actually think they are going in a different direction with her if you want to know the truth. I think she will still be a green lantern. But, the images presented are pretty dramatic.

    2. WB is not heavily involved in what DC comics decides, story-wise, in their books. WB, like Disney, is only interested in IPs.

    1. I was thinking spectral lantern for a while. But I do believe Darkseid was recently dead as well and doing better now. It’s comic books, no one stays dead for long.

      1. No, he didn’t. It was a rhetorical question meant to make a point that initial appearances are almost always deceiving when it comes to comic book character deaths.

        Yes, Superman was holding a charred body wearing a Batman costume after Batman was hit with the Omega Sanction, but that was a clone. The real Batman was sent back through time and had to find his way back, as I recall.

        So either way, she’s coming back. Not sure how or when….but she will return!

        1. Btw, that whole final crisis/Batman RIP/Battle for the cowl was so confusing for me to follow the frustration with major crossovers essentially drove me away from comic books until about 3 years ago…

  3. Donny Cates is confusing the jfur out of me with all his symbiote lately and what seems like a new origin every 2 weeks.

    Venom sword, venom malakith, venom dog, venom, venom surfer, magic stone venom, asgardian venom, blah blah blah.

    D-Rog stay away from venom if you hate confusion!

    I feel ya brother!

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