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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 251st edition of the open forum!

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

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  1. Just saw Endgame for the 1st time. Target got the Blue Ray to me in the mail today. That’s going to take a while to digest all that. If you haven’t seen it yet I’m sure the stores have it now if Target’s mailing it.

  2. Did anyone actually receive copies of Superman and Supergirl? They were invoiced but not shipped which means at some point Diamond stopped the packers from packing. It also looks like from the few copies that made it through to other stores, they changed the Supergirl B cover to something I wouldn’t have wanted lots of extras of anyway. How does finished art get used for the paper catalog but not make it to the printer after it’s been advertised?

    1. We received our full order. All four covers as solicited. Supergirl B the one holding up a bus.

      But it wouldn’t have surprised me if the packing crew was stopped at a point. They are packing 5 days a week, it’s not like they do everyone’s shipment the same day and then rest for 4 days.

      1. That should have included a polybag of the entire book and an official announcement or at least a redeemable coupon. With no knowledge that they might be there they could have fallen out in handling or may be laying on the floor of some kids bedroom. Doing it this way screams for people to walk in and fondle and potentially damage every copy in the building searching whereas a controlled systematic search says if we find one we can have a nice drawing or something that all people can be entered into as they buy a copy held when the last copy sells. This way a random customer gets it and I don’t get 200+ damaged copies from people thumbing for gold.

        They tend to do silly stuff like this that doesn’t become obvious to stores until after they’ve been raided or have given out misleading information.

        Take HOX&POX. They were supposed to alternate weekly. Now it appears starting next week they doubled up POX and delayed HOX3 from their original bi-weekly pace. Just yesterday I had someone subscribe to HOX only that will be back next week expecting HOX3. I also blew out a huge chunk in my display of HOX2’s at prices up to $15 so now there’s a hole that will sit empty for 2 weeks until HOX3 comes in now while POX2 only gets 1 week of full front cover display before getting compressed for POX3 to have shelf space.

        Surprise isn’t totally a good thing when it creates chaos, headache, customer inconvienience and potential damage.

        1. If it falls out during ‘handling’ or it is on the floor of some kids room, so be it. Who cares? These sketches wont cure cancer, BJ. They are just a sketch on a piece of paper. I think the way this surprise was presented is absolutely perfect. Kudos to Marvels creativity (for once, lol).

          1. I for one like the added surprise. There are 20 in a print run of 150,000 minimum. I am guessing I won’t be one of the ones that get it. Just hoping all 20 are found and don’t sit around for years Undiscovered.

        2. I don’t see what the big deal is. Bagley attends tons of local cons. Just pay him $200 to get a sketch. These are no more special than getting a personalized sketch.

            1. Remember the Sex Criminals? I got two of them.

              Then Valiant did one for X-O Manowar, nobody paid attention to those I think. I bet some might have an actual sketch inside and not even realize it. I actually was able to get one of these as well. The funny thing about the X-O one I obtained was they didn’t have many on the shelf and one of the guys looking through them looked at me and was like, here, you want this one cause he knew I liked Francavilla and it was the only one they got of that cover. That’s the one with the sketch on the inside. 🙂

  3. They need to have some type of running counter so we can know when they’re all found. I might have about 300 copies here counting all the Variant covers and damaged copies from last week. One factory sealed case I haven’t even opened yet. I really don’t want to look through all those books but I have gotten lucky twice on the Walking Dead 15th Anniversary secret mixes.

    1. dude no offense but another book your trying to push being “optioned” by yet another unknown production company. Spirit Rider Productions who’s website looks like it was designed in 1994 and hasnt had a single post since 2016. nothing wrong with keeping up the grind but stop acting like you just got a call from warner brothers

  4. Fun week hunting down comic books!

    Went to 5 stores and only one had the recalled Supergirl and Superman books. Got Cover A of each book for $15 each and passed on the variants that were $20 and $30.

    Was also able to get Once and Future #1 (2 copies). The stores that ordered it had the Thank You variant for between $60-$80.

    Also got:
    Gideon Falls
    Darth Vader Target

    Spec pick-ups this week:
    Silver Surfer Annual #6 (still sealed) 1st Genis Vell appearance for $1
    Coyote #11 (1st McFarlane pro artwork) $1 in VF+

    Good hunting everyone!

      1. So what happens if you report your local store for selling the recalled books?

        Asking for a friend.

        A friend that does not like it when a store ups the cost of a book before they even hit the shelf.

  5. I’ve had some good luck this summer with garage sale finds. Happened upon another this week. About 20 long boxes full of varied books silver/modern. The fellow was aware of comics and had gone through and marked the majority of key books up (Thor 337, McFarlane Spideys, Iron Man Keys, Venom keys, etc), but as we all know…it’s tough to keep track of everything and anything not marked with a price was $1. Love the challenge of digging/finding unknown keys.

    Ended up getting these all for a buck a book and all at minimum VF with most easily NM:
    Blade #1
    Eternal Warrior #4
    Marvel Fanfare #11, #12
    Silver Surfer #82
    Venom Along Came a Spider
    Emma Frost (Horn) #1-4
    Rom Annual #3
    Marvel 2 in 1 #54, #30
    Defenders #84
    Punisher War Journal #6, #7
    Fantastic Four #244

    Also grabbed a Hulk #449 in VF/NM- for $15 as it was marked but he gave me a better price.

    For new books this week, I just got most of the mainstays. Was glad I preordered “Once and Future”..I like Mora’s art so I already was on top of that one.

    1. I love the digging and the hunt too, Devildog. I snagged a NM Marvel Fanfare 11 for $1 from a recent stash that I found, along with a bunch of CPVs and Newsstands including a Tec583 newsstand, 1st Scarface & Ventriloquist w/ a sweet Mignola cover.
      The more you hunt, the greater your knowledge gets. Win, win, win.

  6. Superman and Supergirl both flew into my Shipment .. as far as the Bagley sketch, all books get bagged and boarded prior to filling Pull & Holds and placing the extras on the rack .. thusly, all have an equal chance of getting one if there is one .. no riffling through, sorry .. one copy always left loose at the front of the line, for browsing ..

  7. Picking up:
    Unnatural 12

    In the mail:
    UNNATURAL #12 Kendrick “KUNKKA” Lim Virgin Variant Set


    I’ve been trying to stay away from store variants but it does not look as if I have been successful. I’ve also been trying to save money for my trip to CT with my daughter in September but it is difficult when I buy a limited Hale Pele special event tiki mug.

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