Captain Marvel #8 Second Print – Slight Addition to the Cover!

Not so much a spoiler but an interesting change from what was solicited with the Captain Marvel #8 Second Print cover.

They’ve added her name to the cover. It says, “Captain Marvel & Star!” now.

What was the last issue or title that did this? I believe it might of been where they did this for Riri Williams on Iron Man.

You can still find these at most online retailers. At TFAW by clicking here Captain Marvel #8 (2nd Printing) and at Pymccomics. Midtown has them as well but well, I’ve not  been happy with my orders from them as of lately.

Print run might be big and easy to get but I think these are gonna be more for the long haul to be honest. Buy a few and stash them, I don’t think Star is going away as a one and done villain or antagonist.

8 thoughts on “Captain Marvel #8 Second Print – Slight Addition to the Cover!”

  1. From what I read several months ago, which is no secret, that Star was pushing Captain Marvel out of the limelight in issue 10. A slow bump I guess, I don’t see it long term within the Captain Marvel series, and who knows Star may get her own issue.

    1. Some say she might be a one and done, I don’t think we’ll be seeing the end of this new Star or Ripley Ryan anytime soon. Grab those CM#1 and #8 I say..

    1. Lol no it won’t. So does that make the standard more valuable then a virgin? That’s an interesting discussion

      1. My opinion has always been the Virgin has too much negative space to be an attractive Cover. Maybe if you want a bazillion signatures it makes sense…otherwise it feels like the artist gave up and mailed it at the deadline.

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