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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 252nd edition of the open forum!

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

47 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. I was happy to have finally found a beautiful (possibly 9.8) set of Bloodstone 1-4. I’ve been looking for this set for a very long time. Got a fair price and liked being able to examine them in hand. I can typically find just about anything I’m looking for in the wild, but this was a really tough find for me. I wonder the print run would have been on it?

    Also picked up a very nice copy of Moon Knight #1.

    1. The irritating part is at FOC the B Variant was still only shown in black and white. Diamond couldn’t confirm the identity of the turtle on the cover so I ordered less than I would have thinking it may not be her. Now the cover ships in color and it is her.

      Who can be mad though on a day when 1/13th of the Diamond order is already covered by a sale of a surprise variant we weren’t expecting. This is going to be a great week for spec books. There may not be a lot of 5 times cover home runs but the expected number of double to triple eventually is deep.

  2. Reading order tip. It appears you should read AC Lethal Protectors, AC Miles Morales and Venom 17 before reading Absolute Carnage 2. I got it backwards again.

  3. Recent back issue pickups:
    Thor God of Thunder #5. 10 Spawn Books #162, #166, #179, #235, #237, #242, #244, #245, #246, #247 .and two copies of What If #23
    Sub-Mariner #1 (1968)

          1. Are you sure son is the correct term though? That implies Venom and mom making a baby and this is apparently just the codex itself manifesting itself thru disguise as a childbirth.

            The hole in the story though is that the symbiote Venom bonded with her at least two times after the childbirth so then there should have been an additional codex left behind that would have been detected by Carnage and the Maker. That’s an awful big plot discrepancy which suggests another alternative not yet covered by the Maker’s explanation as opposed to incompetency of the writer in general to not know the basics of the characters history anyone can Google up in about 30 seconds.

  4. I didn’t see anything to point at directly but 2’s in general always have that chance of getting some double cover action after a bit since stores typically order less of them than of the #1’s. If #1 was good, which it was really good for AC leading to a 4th printing from stores underordering #1, it’s not a big stretch to see #2 getting another printing and higher than cover prices over the next couple weeks.

  5. Picked up:

    1) A couple of Poison Elves back issues for my set.
    2) A couple of Sandman back issues for my set. When I originally bought my Sandman books when they first came out, I was not yet into keeping them in good shape, so I am missing several and have some pretty beat up copies, particularly moving around a lot in my college days.
    3) No new comics are exciting me right now unless maybe if the Batman Curse of the White Knight #2 ties into Harley’s Little Black Book 6 with Lobo; I picked up the Bisley cover when it first came out.

    I saw the Mants last weekend. “The Mants are a garage rock trio who perform in suits and rubber ant heads. The Mants play hi-octane B-movie fueled schtick rawk that owes equally to The Sonics, Billy Childish and pulp sci-fi novels from the 50’s.”

  6. Wired experience at my LCS this morning. Normally when they open on Wednesday morning I’m either the only one shopping or maybe one other guy who comes in for his pull list.

    But today, a stream of people came in, maybe like 8 or so flipping through new books. All but 1 I’d never seen there before.

    All thumbed through the Marvel 1000s at some point, but not the first book they all sought out. By the time I was ready to check out all the Marvel 1000s were off the shelf though (they might have had 8 to start).

    One had a Black Panther 15, another was flipping through house of X.

    I would say half left empty handed.

    I’ve just always had the place to myself…today may have just been a coincidence. Good for the shop, but bad for my flipping business! 😁

      1. Notice no one seems to be saying. I’d check for you but since I haven’t been reading it regularly I wouldn’t know new spec from regular cast. I didn’t see the prices up anywhere looking yesterday.

        1. I know this is late but I did look through a copy and on the last page the symbiote takes over one of the guards or generals…really have no idea because I’m not reading the series. After it bonds it looks like killmonger’s symbiote.

      2. I know this is late but I did look through a copy and on the last page the symbiote takes over one of the guards or generals…really have no idea because I’m not reading the series. After it bonds it looks like killmonger’s symbiote.

  7. Huge week in terms of new releases but that didn’t translate into a ton of purchases for me…

    New pickups:
    Dead End Kids #2 (2 copies)
    Red Hood #37 (Cover A and Tan variant)
    Spiderman Life Story #6 (1:25 Pope variant $10)
    Absolute Carnage Miles Morales (Doppelganger variant for cover)

    Spec pick-ups this week:

    Going through LCS $1 back issue bin and found the following:
    Miles Morales: Spiderman #1 (2018)
    Agents of Atlas #2 (1st Swordmaster)
    Walking Dead #19 (Blind Bag J. Scott Campbell color trade)
    Headless #1 Scout Comics

    Saw only 1 of Marvel #1000 D23 variants at the stores I hit up and they wanted $175. Don’t see this being more than $80-$90 by weekend, so I passed.

    No one had Once and Future #1 2nd print. One store said that they got 2 copies in but both were badly damaged.

    Good hunting everyone.

  8. i wonder what the wednesday winner is for this week. there has to be one. excluding 2nd-100 prints and variants. cover A’s only.

        1. Didn’t see it in my travels today.

          Cameo + Cover = 1st Full equivalent!

          I think it’s going to be short lives spec….flip quick!

      1. I’m already getting “price reduced” type offers on Red Hood offerings. Quick flip that book if you have it. I’m glad I resisted the FOMO as that book won’t hold. Multiple $9.99 listings.

  9. anyone else see the free “special edition” of Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass? I see the TPB releasing in next month, but this ashcan/preview caught me by surprise. I grabbed 1 just in case.

    1. The trade arrived for sale yesterday with the sample books. I’m going to hole punch and string a copy to the shelf in front of the trades shortly.

  10. I passed on the Red Hood #37 hype and picked up:

    1. AC #2
    2. Venom #17
    3. HoX #3 regular and Dukal variant
    4. HoS #92 facsimile
    5. Tmnt #97 a and b


    Please note that the following issues of Shazam! will be resolicited
    • Shazam! #9 (JUN190536 – JUN190537)
    • Shazam! #10 (JUL190597 – JUL190598)
    • Shazam! #11 (AUG190552 – AUG190553)
    All orders under these item codes are cancelled.

    That’s from the DC Direct e-mail so if you have preorders they may be affected elsewhere.

  12. Once and Future 3rd print already sold out at midtown (shocker). Same with Cover A the Frison cover (C?) Something’s Killing the Children.

    1. I personally like the Jae Lee for this book. I think the masses may have gone for the Frison C and in the long run the A and B cover may be better best. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Frison as well, but….an awful lot of hype on this book and it seemed to happen in conjunction with the Frison last minute announcement.

  13. Marvel added a 1 in 200 variant for Immortal Hulk 25. They must really think that issue is a big deal to be tacking on a 1 in 200 after Previews already went out. Definitely not something we will chase. I don’t mind ordering 200 of a new monthly #1, but 200 of during the run or a final issue is a non-starter unless you have a massive chain or mail order operation.

    1. Sounds like it’s going to be a solid green cover like the solid red cover they just did for AC. At least there’s a 500 qty already in the mix and smaller one’s so it’s just an extra 2 comics to make the bundles more affordable if someone’s chasing them all. Rumor mill thinks 25 is not only the death of future Hulk but the start of an extended break for the series itself.

      This is actually really interesting today also.

      Retailers may order 1 virgin variant by Mark Brooks for every 100 copies of CAPTAIN MARVEL #12 they order, excluding ratio variants.


      I might be trying to chase this one myself. Evil Captain Marvel without the mask in virgin.

      1. Hard to see it being an extended break unless there’s a Walking Dead 194 situation going on. Since Immortal Hulk 26 and 27 are both solicited already.

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