September Previews 2019 – Indies Spotlight Books

Previews gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. Being a huge indie reader, I always look at the independent books first. Here’s the spotlight of new books coming out of September Previews to kick this Labor Day weekend off.

Battle for Britain From Pages of Combat Glanzman Cover

Each Combat one shot features true stories from WWII, illustrated by comic book legend, WWII vet, and Eisner Award nominee Sam Glanzman!

Battle for Britain From Pages of Combat McCrea CoverThis Battle for Britain issue features the stories: ‘Wreck the R.A.F.!’, ‘Strike the Fighter Fields!’, and ‘The Decisive Days.’ Plus: the back-up stories ‘The Puny, Little Yank.’

Also included are essays about the Doolittle Raids and Sam Glanzman, originals covers, vintage advertisements, and photos from WWII. Don’t miss the limited edition variant cover by artist John McCrea!

Can’t beat a WWII veteran illustrating a book about WWII. This one is on my definite books to check out and pick up.

Dragonfly & Dragonflyman #1 (of 5)
– Ahoy
Pre-order from Pymc

Following from AHOY’s widely-read Free Comic Book Day edition, this prequel to The Wrong Earth follows gritty vigilante The Dragonfly and his innocent, campy counterpart Dragonflyman, before they became trapped on each other’s Earths! Can two versions of the satanic Devil-Man corrupt both of their souls?

EXTRA: Prose fiction and fact, beautifully illustrated.

The indie superhero are always a breathe of fresh air from the mainstream superheroes. I’m looking forward to this one.

Breathers #1 (Cover A – Madson)
– Its Alive

Breathers follows a small cast of individuals as they struggle to make sense of the dystopian world they live in, as a virus is unleashed into the air, rendering it deadly to humans.

Breathers #1 (Cover B - Lemire & Kindt)Among them: a detective whose addiction to the drug known as ‘Filter K’ takes over his life; a brother and sister who, due to recent events, start to wonder if the air really is deadly, or if it’s all just a conspiracy; a mother and daughter who will do anything to keep their family together; and a breather salesman who is looking to make amends for his past mistakes. They are all survivors of this virus-plagued world.

They are all ‘breathers.’ Variant cover collaboration between comic book superstars Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt!

This one has my interest. Sure the dystopian future type story is nothing groundbreaking or new but it certainly beats another zombie or vampire book. I’m big fan of Lemire covers as well, so that’s a bonus.

Rv9 #1 (of 5)
– Mad Cave
Pre-order from Pymc

Former assassin Velveteen is on the run from the Order of the 9, the organization that took her from her family and forced her into a life where all she knows is secrecy, violence, and death.

Now, after years of running, she is bringing the fight to them. With help from an American hacker, Jasper, and a rookie officer with an attitude, Inspector Pazzi, Velveteen will use everything she was taught by the Order of the 9 against them.

Nothing ground breaking with the story but it’s a plot most still enjoy and we find watching all the time in shows and movies.

Stabbity Ever After Wonderland #1 One Shot
– Scout
Pre-order from Pymc

Set outside the regular universe of the Stabbity Bunny regular series, this special alternative reality version takes Stabbity to the magical surroundings of Wonderland.

As Stabbity and Grace find themselves in Wonderland, it almost appears that things are going smoothly, but of course, in this magical world everything isn’t as it seems as the queen of hearts discovers Grace’s magical powers and decides she wants them for herself.

If you thought the carnage in Fairyland was shocking, you’d best be prepared to say farewell to a lot of your Wonderland favorites as Stabbity has the adventure of a lifetime.

It’s a one shot but Stabbity is back, everyone’s favorite bunny right?

Touching Evil #1 (of 7)
– Source Point
Pre-order from Pymc

An attorney is given a curse from a mysterious prisoner that allows her to kill anyone instantly with just a touch of her hand… but only if they’re evil.

Her whole life is turned upside down in an instant as she is forced to question what evil is, who she can trust, and her own sanity. Get ready to meet a hero unlike anyone you’ve ever seen, and forgive her if she doesn’t shake hands.

I like the plot so if the story and art are good, I’m really looking forward to this new book.

Heartbeat #1 (of 5) (Cover A – Llovet)
Pre-order from Pymc

Eva, a high school outcast, finds herself witness to a horrible secret: the most popular boy in school enjoys the taste of blood and will kill to get his hands on it.

Horrified and intrigued, Eva lets herself be pulled into Donatien’s macabre world. He offers the escape she has been looking for but how much is Eva willing to betray her moral code in order to find something that gives her life meaning? And will she.or Donatien.ever find redemption?

Maria Llovet ( Faithless) presents a dark, violent, decadent, disturbing story, in which life and death, blood, and love are inextricably intertwined.

BOOM! has had some winners recently. This one could be another book to keep an eye on if the story turns out good.

For Real #1
– Uncivilized Books
Pre-order from Pymc

Eisner nominated James Romberger (7 Miles A Second, Post York) brings a short comic story, ‘The Oven,’ that melds two battles fought in different eras by the great cartoonist Jack Kirby, the most prolific American comic book creator of the 20th century.

The first battle: his cancer diagnosis serves as a springboard for the other battle: one of his most harrowing experiences during World War II. ‘The Real Thing,’ an accompanying essay by elaborates on those issues in relation to Kirby’s biography.

For Real is a celebration and a nuanced look at one of America’s greatest cartoonists! A must for Kirby Fans!

This one has me sold because of Kirby!

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