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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 253rd edition of the open forum!

Please welcome Lucas Faschina on variants!

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

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  1. Of Harley & Ivy #1 Artgerm variants, which of the two is the “rarer” cover? I asked this in the Sold Out at Diamond thread as they didn’t specify, but no one answered.

  2. Of the two Harley & Ivy #1 Artgerm covers, which is the rarer of the two? I asked in the Sold Out at Diamond thread which one sold out, but no one specified.

    1. Both look to be open orders, so no knowing actual print runs if either. BUT….Harley is likely more popular a character therefore i would hypothesize the ivy cover was ordered less…HOWEVER….could mean Harley is sold out first anyway being higher in demand….

      Yeah, I’m no help….

      1. Yeah, I don’t why CHU told us “Cover B sold out!” and then didn’t specify. I can’t find the Diamond notification that said it in the first place.

        1. The Harley Cover looks like it’s Cvr B, and the Ivy Cover looks like it’s Cvr C. All four covers look to be no longer available in Diamond.

          All four covers had no specific order requirements. All four have returnability based on their order compared to Batman #72.

          So we ordered heavy on them, just based on that.

  3. Mycomicshop website has finally put up this week’s titles for purchase, but they jacked up the prices on a number of books (House of X variants / Something is Killing the Children). They have Once and Future 3rd print for 12 bucks, which is not too bad.

    1. Wonder why they were so late today? Hope this doesn’t become the barn with them. Again, they sure have gotten greedy lately!

        1. Yeah, I have a feeling since they got “burned” on Batman #77, this is going to be the new norm. What time did they go up, I checked at 12 AM central time and nothing,…..

        1. If shops continue to do this, people will just start getting their own Diamond accounts and shops will be a thing of the past. We’ll have this one big comic shop named Diamond, and I know none of you people want that.

          1. I agree with you Poyo. I’m just done with all these comic shops raising the prices on books and just to make extra money. They already get a Diamond discount. And at that a good one too cuz some shops here have 3-5 full time employees.

          2. “If shops continue to do this, people will just start getting their own Diamond accounts and shops will be a thing of the past.”
            If people were truly going to do something like that why wouldn’t they just start preordering now? You HAVE to PREORDER at Diamond 2 months or more ahead of time placing what’s called an initial order and maintaining a minimum purchase level a month which skating those numbers, paying UPS Freight, COD which Diamond ads extra to and then having to be home from work to receive the books sounds like a lot more hassle and would end up with a higher purchase price than simply getting committed to what you want and preordering right now with a store offering that option and even subscription discounts. The ONLY people paying cover or higher are those UNWILLING to commit. I still accepted PRESALES at cover price last week for those who wanted them for the back half of HOX and POX.

            Even without a store nearby accepting subscriptions and discounting, Anthony gives you a list every week of books expected to be HOT and a way to preorder them.

            Going to Diamond and starting a business will MAKE YOU and then the hassle and fee’s will end up costing you more than preordering from a good source that discounts subscriptions and preorders.

            1. We’ve gone over this numerous times, not everyone wants to pre-order something they don’t want to commit to.

              Do you pre-order your car 2 months before even test driving one? No. Some want to flip through a book before deciding to make the purchase, particularly if it’s books they want to read.

              Just because we have “pre-orders” doesn’t necessarily everyone is going to go out and want to order something because last I checked, most shops don’t accept refunds on such things.

            2. i feel like we are beating a dead horse here. We know why shops raise the price. We know who they are. The price for not ordering early is that u are subject to the market and all who play it. Some shops dont play that “ebay inflation” game and some do. To each thier own. But Poyo had a point. Not everyone wants to invest money in comics that they dont know about. Those that do are either fans of the comic or creators , or speculators following sites like this. Ordinary collectors arent worried about getting each issue. They will just buy the TPB if they have to.

              1. There are times I want to read now, other times I’ll wait for the trade. Sometimes I just want to freaking check out a book before buying. Not everyone can commit to all books and pre-order them before seeing them, skimming them, checking out the art or snippets of the stories. In the end, I: think Mike C nailed it though, we all know why shops raise prices on release day, one word. Greed and they’re taking advantage of playing the secondary market game when they buy wholesale, which gives me every reason to avoid buying from them. If they want to play the secondary market game like the speculators and flippers who do it for such reasons, then delete your Diamond account and stand in line like the rest of us.

                Maybe all us flippers should open Diamond accounts instead? I don’t, cause I believe buying at the publisher retail prices gives me the right to turn around and sell at secondary market prices and eat the 10%+ costs if selling on eBay, etc. If I had a diamond account, I would sell at retail. It’s about selling quantity and moving inventory to pay the bills.

                1. I get hat people don’t like it, but you shouldn’t demand they delete their diamond account. Let them pre order! If they play he ebay game they’ll likely lose out on more future orders from people that will not support a shop that uses Hess tactics. Plain and simple, if you don’t like what they do, .don’t enable it by supporting their business!

                2. I didnt demand they delete their diamond, I’m stating if they want to play the secondary market game with the rest of those who buy at retail prices without having the advantage of buying at wholesale distributor pricing, they’re more than welcome to come join the rest of us in line on Wednesday mornings. 😉

                3. And at the same time, I ask people to call such shops out so I know not to bother shopping there myself cause yeah, for those of us who dont like it don’t want to support such businesses.

            1. The owner is a hardcore right-winger, and the whole staff (mostly all white) is super proud of being Texans. There’s other things too based on personal interactions.

    1. Not saying it was the right thing to do, but that particular cover (Molina Connecting) had a ton of heat and interest prior to release.
      It was selling well above cover prior to release and not available from what I saw online for cover/preorders for the last couple of weeks.
      If you can search and find it a cover, grab it for sure.

      1. Drove 15 miles to another store and they had two copies at cover. Only allowed one purchase, but it was worth it for sure. Also had Going to the Chapel and the Battlepug cover B so those were bonuses.

        1. Good deal!!!! Glad you found one! Really is no reason it should not be cover price….but unfortunately, how things are tending to go anymore.

          Happy Hunting!!!!

  4. wow just fair warning.i am goingto go on a rant .today must be a very,very cold day in I fully agree with both blond stabby&poyo. so as a retailer let me speak on this .if you think being a comic book dealer,store owner,flipper whatever cute hipster name you want to give it is that fingeasy .then by all means give it a fing try.pre ordering comics and collectibles is not the only part of the job .there is rent lights empolyees credit card and paypal and ebay fees to handel plus with sites like this,key collector comic book speculation&comics tom 101 the four best comic book market sites in the industry today everyone is a flipper these days go ahead spend the 1600 plus dollars a month to keep the diamond account opened this is not a easy full time gig yes I do this full fing time and make a decent living or a so called living at it so if descide to mark up a powers of x #3 to $15 and have that copy on a convention wall or ebay or shopify and still keep a few copies at dover then that is myd eal I am sick and fing tired of people crying and b&&&&ing all the time if this hobby this blessing of a hobby upsets you that much go enjoy something else get the f out I am so upset that people like blond stabby or myself or m.c.s. how the f&&k they bigets?buddny sanders is a great man that took a young blind kind and taught himthe comic book game buddy &cuchk over at mile high and god rest his soul the greatest rethat ever lived bill liberlitz at golden apple I do agree don’t bite the hands that feed you. make sure yourregulars get in at cover thend o the secondary market and ride that moneya nd run blind adam out

  5. In CT this week and next. Rose City Comic Con is next week.

    Picked up:
    Soft Wood 1

    Back issues:
    Poison Elves 67
    The Dreaming 1 Vol 1
    Orc Stain 1 (I pick these up if I can find them cheap)

    1. Marvel and DC are 35% off if you’re averaging under $1000/mo cover price per company. Factor in freight charges and low volume gets you around 31% off. Low volume being anything up to laying out say $1400/month.

      Most small shops can hit the 50% discount plateau with those two publishers. That takes averaging $1000-3000/mo with DC and $1200-2500/mo with Marvel. DC purchases count toward your discount with companies like Image and Dark Horse but Marvel doesn’t.

      Decent size single shops can consistently get 53% from both companies. That takes $3000-4500/mo for DC and $2500-4000/mo with Marvel. Back in the day your discount changed every month. Now they use a lookback average at 6-12 months orders.

      Large single shops and small chains can get 55% consistently. $4500-17,000/mo DC and $7000-15,000 Marvel. Considering most shops do no more than half their revenue in new comics you’re looking at a business that’s probably minimum $30-35,000 a month gross sales to maintain 55%.

      DC max discount is 57% on $35,000+. Marvel max is 59% but requires $125,000. I doubt they have 10 accounts that get that.

      FWIW my shop gets 55%. After freight charges it’s around 53.5%. Typical week for us is $200-300 in freight charges.

  6. I have been getting my boxes of comics in order for a while (litle by little) and getting close to having everything itemized and in alphabetical order. I still have some “random” boxes to go through and the other day was doing just that when I came across a copy of Avengers #48 that I forgot about….for good reason I guess, when I first bought it a while back it was only $8 or so and listed as a VG/FN. When I got it I realized the cover was detached. An overlook by the dealer so he refunded my money and let me keep the book as a reader. So,a now sought after key for free. Pretty cool even if in low grade. Wonder what a decent looking Avengers #48 with the cover detached will go for?

  7. Another bountiful week of comics. My pickups included…

    DCeased A Good Day to Die – A
    Detective #854 Dollar Reprint x 2
    Doomsday Clock – B
    HQ & Poison Ivy – A
    HQ – A
    JL – A
    Legion of Superheroes Millenium – A
    A.C. Scream – Bagley & 1:25 Codex variant ($10)
    A.C. Symbiote Spidey – A
    FF – A
    Ghost Spider Annual – A
    House of X – A & Molina variant ($7)
    Immortal Hulk – both cvrs
    Savage Avengers – A
    Die – B
    Spawn – A & Campbell variant
    Dark Red – A
    Once & Future #1 2nd print (@ cvr)
    Something is Killing the Children – A & B

    I passed on HQ & Poison Ivy “connecting” variants which should be called “overlapping” variants. While they are great images, I decided not to pay $10 when $4 (for cvr A) would suffice. I also passed on Amazing Spidey Going Big – just not excited about the content. Still chasing a Once & Future #1 3rd print…got lucky on the 2nd print. Saw no Frison variants for Something is Killing the Children at 5 shops. My LCS said Diamond screwed up their order and they are pursuing copies directly from the publisher. So I am hopeful of scoring a Frison variant soon. Cover A & B were very scarce in my travels. I also managed to pick up a few more 1st prints of House of X #1 and Powers of X #1 for below cover price as my LCS was having a sale. Also found a nice Thanos #1 (1:25 Zaffino variant) for $10.

  8. if you can get one Spiderman autographed by tom Holland what would it be and why?i am thinking a reprint of amazing fantasy #15 or the spect. Spiderman #1 photo cover.just a great chance to chill with a cool dude in mid October love you all blind adam out

  9. I read somewhere that the new issue of Green Lantern #11 is the 1st appearance of a golden lantern. Has this been confirmed?

    1. I have to think issue 10 had him on the last page. I think he was named and had dialogue. I am not one to name how the market will respond to things so people might call 10 First cameo and 11 first appearance. But 10 could fully be a first appearance

  10. wow have you guys scent he price for batwing #19?between $50-100 go digging peoples.and don’t sleep on batman #307 a very,very undervalue key .luke fox the new black batman very interestingblind adam out

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