NYCC Spotlight and Giveaway: Fleeing Darkness #1

My friend Matthew Page is starting up his own comic which will launch at NYCC 2019. It is a historical fiction book based on true events. We will be doing a giveaway on this book as well. The book is called Fleeing Darkness and will be put out by Star Cross Comics. Check out the info below:

We will be giving away copies of the Regular, NYCC Variant, and the Silent Partner Web Store Exclusive.

Just go over to the forum to enter.

As the threat of war rises, an established American community in the capital of North Korea are forced to evacuate. Unfortunately, all of the Korean born members must be left behind to endure what is coming. Follow Jae-Ho on his journey from star hockey player to the patriarch of the family rice farming business. Along for the ride is his best friend Chang. Once a care-free and goofy trouble maker, Chang finds his beliefs and values could get him killed under the communist regime.

No one was prepared for the savage communist takeover. Told in hindsight, this is a story of faith, courage, and honor of one who desperately tries to lead his friends and family out of the war-stricken city of Pyongyang. Along the way, Jae-Ho finds stability and love with his two sons and loyal wife Jang-Mi. Together, they fight to be true to themselves and their faith under unimaginable oppression from a system that tries to control your mind, body and soul.

Along the way, our heroes reconnect with their book smart classmate Nam. Now a medical doctor, Nam provides medical care to those in need at his free clinic. Armed with only their faith, one another and a strong moral compass, the once Americanized school kids become the adult backbone of an underground resistance to the power that nearly decimates the country they love.

Told in flashback, the story follows the evolution of a group of young people, forced by circumstance, maturing into a beacon of light for Western values and the only hope for a future without the agnostic and oppressive communist regime. As a unit, they will risk life and limb to take a stand for what is right and build the foundation for a better tomorrow. Based on true events.

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