28 thoughts on “Spoilers: Venom #18, The Rest of the Story, A New Bond and Unforeseen Power Within”

    1. Ugh…next issue doesn’t come out until 10/30, which means an FOC date of early October…plenty of time for Store variants to run up the print run…only bet on the 1:25 if you can get it below cover.

      18 is likely a bust…spec wise anyway. Love the story, though!

        1. Decide on 18 for what? There’s nothing here but a mashup of hybrid and maker. I’m thinking it’s still with venom 7 & 9. 7 gets no love too…

            1. All depends on what happens in the next issue. Could still be a winner. Remember, print runs don’t determine value, demand does. It just helps more when supply is lower when there’s demand (that whole supply + demand portion of it all). But ultimately there could be a million of them printed and if 2 million people want it, the value goes up due to such demand. I don’t think we’ll see a huge increase in the print run for 19, maybe a bump but we already have a first out of Dylan, Sleeper, Maker, Hybrid.. unless there’s a new first appearance in the next issue, story telling heat doesn’t last as long as first character appearance heat.

  1. Wolverine is dead. Therefore this has to be a dream or hallucination from the chemicals released when sleeper blew up and scattered in the breeze. Another misdirection play at work.

    1. You can also toss in Spider-mans’ busy with Deadpool in another city and Captain America has given up the shield and costume if you want some more proof.

  2. You’re focusing on one out of the 4 impossible to be there heroes in the scene. The entire series has been one long set of misdirections and trickery. There’s no Fantastic Four Absolute Carnage special or tie-in because they are in space. Steve Rogers gave up the suit and the shield a couple months ago. Peter Parker’s busy at the time of this story with Venom in another city that the maker just spoke to on the phone telling Eddie his son either has his mothers codex transferred too him with no explanation why she doesn’t have another from the two other times she bonded with a symbiote after giving birth, or that the codex disguised itself as a child birth. There’s too many holes to draw a straight line yet especially when factoring in the series primary focus of continually tricking and misdirecting you into thinking one thing just to have it turn out to be something else. If you think Peter Parker finished up his story with Venom and Deadpool and raced back to someplace to meet up with a Wolverine he had no reason to think was alive and two other heroes that it makes no sense for them to be present in a matter of a few minutes since the phone call shown in both Absolute Carnage 2 and Venom 17 then go ahead. It’s much more sensible at this point to believe some type of dream state or hallucination from the chemicals Sleeper produces with his “chemokinesis” ability and if anything it’s likely to see Sleeper bonded with Dylan now into the future. It clearly shows Sleeper symbiote goo apparently contacting him in the face as it explodes off the corpse and if not directly in the face then in a spray pattern that would be illogical to assume missed him.

    This is a misdirection series.

    1. It’s comics. Timelines don’t have to blend seamlessly. Weird things happen and events can happen at different times. Don’t think too hard and you will enjoy them more.

  3. I think at this point the only thing we need to figure out re: Dylan spec is how many Venom 7’s we can still find under $10… especially the secret tongue variant.

    1. VENOM #7 and Venom #9 will carry a premium because of first appearance(s) of Dylan Brock. IMO Venom #9, because there is more background/context and explanation of who he could be to Eddie , will carry a bigger premium. BUT won’t the first appearance of Dylan as “?” be more sought after? ASM 297-#299 certainly are nowhere near as important as ASM #300. There was 350,000-400,000+ of that book printed too.

  4. I’m still wrapping my head around 2008 when the entire city of New York was bonded with Venom like symbiotes back in New avengers 35-36ish time frame. Seems like the whole city is going to need their spines ripped out to collect all those codexs up. If he doesn’t pick up the pace he’ll never get that many done in the next 3 issues. Apparently every woman in New York has a codex except the one woman who’s worn Venom multiple times before and after having a baby that may or may not be a codex in disguise.

  5. I’m also starting to lean towards Dylan being the new AntiVenom. “Internal Bodily Cleansing: After sensing an impurity such as toxins, drugs, diseases, and other malignant substances, Anti-Venom can forcefully “cure” the substance from the person’s body using antibodies produced by the symbiote. Eddie Brock uses this ability to almost completely destroy his old symbiote and to cure a teenaged girl from her heroin addiction.” That would explain why mom had no codex left if the baby was an AntiVenom being reborn that cured her and had no codex trace detectable by the Maker either.

  6. I still believe Anti-Venom will come back as Flash Thompson.

    I mean the AV symbiote heals, cures etc.

    If there was a little carnage left in Normie to basically keep the opportunity open for future Goblin Child apps, then it’s safe to assume that a little piece of AV was left in Flashe’s body when he was buried.

    It can be said that the AV symbiote was so week it needed to heal itself first before it healed Flash T.

    Once he healed him, he comes out of the ground a la Spider-Man buried alive scene.

    As for Dylan, I’m pretty sure he is the first human/symbiote hybrid and it will be explained in the next 2 issues.

    It kind of feels like this is a story made to bring back some dead characters, more specifically Cleatus Cassady. Like once Carnage is defeated all the codexes will be destroyed and the owners of said codexes survive, get to live again.

    We’ll see.

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