One Week Later Report for September 11th, 2019

Welcome once again to the another installment of the One Week Later Report. This week we’ll cover the books released on 08/28/2019.

Hopefully this report helps anyone reading while picking out new books at the local shops for things to keep a look out for.

House of X #4 was really the only book worth mentioning out of the big two from last week, which was a really slow week. There is a House of X #4 (of 6) (2nd Printing) on the way as well as most online retailers sold out.

The regular cover is only seeing sales slightly above cover as you can still find these online at some retailers (Midtown is one of the few). The actual winner is the Molina connecting variant that is reaching the $20 mark on a good sale day.

The connecting is the quick flip but I say grab and hold onto the regular if you find it. These are the type of books or sets of this title that could go for decent money potentially.

It’s a honorable mention as it was a high ratio variant that most shops started off around the $100 range which goes to the Web of Black Widow #1 Hidden Gem variant.

Some might of thought the cover was awesome, for me, I got better things to spend that much money on. The cover just didn’t do anything for me.

As for sales though, seems on average it’s around a $115 book. If you found for cheap or cover, that’s nice profit. If you bought at $100, not a lot of wiggle room after ebay fees and such.

Once & Future #1 3rd Printing was the no one could find, it’s a $15 to $20 book on the secondary market type of book.

Seriously, did anyone find these at their local shops? Holler in the comments if you did.

I have yet to read issue #1 as I’m seriously behind but been waiting for a few issues or possibly just the trade at this point to read it in it’s entirety, the first arc if it does go beyond it’s initial 6 issue mini-series status.

Midnight Vista #1 had a Razzhah variant that Midtown listed at $20 but you can find this for cheaper on the secondary market if you were seeking this one out and missed out at your local shops.

Not necessarily a winner but figured I’d give people a heads up if it was a book and cover you were looking for.

Something Is Killing Children was the other big small publisher book of the week. Selling out very quickly online and with the FOC variant catching on fire on pre-orders, this book was still selling for $15.

Still selling for around $10 on average, give or take a few bucks, not a bad flip if you bought at cover. The regular cover is selling for $8.00 with some recent sales itself.

That’s it for this week in review. Hopefully next week is a bit more exciting as we got some decent spoilers out there that could move some books on the secondary market.

12 thoughts on “One Week Later Report for September 11th, 2019”

  1. I’ve been lucky…have found all the Once & Future printings so far, including 1st retailer incentive one…but had to get them at different shops and by doing some chasing. Paid cover for them all except $22 for 1st retailer incentive and $7.50 for 4th print. Haven’t even had time to read it yet, but hoping to do so this weekend.

    As an aside, Something is Killing the Children #1 2nd print was extremely scarce this week. I managed to get two at cover price, but saw it marked up to $10 at one shop. But few copies available.

  2. I was told by my regular LCS that printings 2-5 of Once & Future #1 had to be allocated, but apparently shops will get their full order for the 6th (and I believe final) printing. I know my LCS marked the few 2nd printings they got up significantly and sold them directly on Ebay, not in the shop. I found that out a week after its release…initially they just said they didn’t have it. Fortunately, I have alternate sources. I still frequent my LCS because this situation represents an anomaly on their part and I have access to variants through them that can be tough to find. But I can definitely confirm from my efforts, that it was difficult to find/secure printings 2-4. I think I have the 5th printing lined up…fingers crossed.

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