Flashback Friday – One Year Later Report for August 2018 Part I

One year ago, we spec’d on new books hitting the shelves. Now it’s time to see how those specs and picks are doing now. Sorry, this is a little late but, better late than never right?

Let’s find out what we were spec’ing on in August 2018. These are books we mentioned in our weekly picks along with all the books that were surprise winners nobody anticipated on heating up, which happens quite more often than one realizes.

Hopefully I can get Part II and September of 2018 pumped out before the end of the month as well. Part I had way more winners than I expected.

August 1, 2018 Books


The book nobody spec’d on from CHU, Immortal Hulk #4 hit shelves last August 1st. This was still in the early issues of the title before it really took off later on around December of 2018.

Probably won’t find this at your local shops, at least not for cover price in the back issues. What’s it doing on the secondary market? With the most recent sales, it’s going on average for around $20, give or take a few bucks, some with free shipping.

So if you can find for cheap, not a bad pickup to flip as it’s still flipworthy, that’s if you can find for under $10.

Also out this time was Immortal Hulk #2 2nd Printing (nobody even mentioned it or expecting it to heat up as it did). This one had a few sales around the $25 range but then an auction that went for $4.99 with 1 bid.

This issue has the first appearance of Dr. Frye.

If you find them though, I wouldn’t hesitate in picking up a copy. Sure it’s not an Alex Ross cover as they just regurgitated the interior art for it but still a must pick up in my opinion, especially if you find at cover.

Venom #3 SDCC PX Previews Variant started off a bit slow. I think most were still seeking out the first print which was selling well after it introduced Knull in it.

A year later though, the SDCC seems to have sold prices all over the place. Anywhere from $10 to $50 (which was a pretty recent sold listing, perhaps with the renewed interest with the recent events in Venom with Dylan and such).

Either way, if you nabbed some SDCC variants to tuck away, maybe now’s the time offload some. It’s still a long term hold though as well. I think whatever you decide, keep or sell, you still win.

Venom #3 2nd Printing also came out but it’s only a $7 to $10 book. Not bad, but the 3rd Printing is the additional print to own out of these, which features Knull on the cover.

The Mall #1 actually hit shelves prior to this week but Diamond acted like Diamond and screwed the pooch to deliver the variant cover B, which hit shelves on August 1st.

Those who got a copy likely flipped for decent money and if you can still find it for cheap, the most recent sold listing was $25.

This book went on to get optioned but I think some of the delays are what’s killing it’s potential and momentum.

This is not to be confused with the most recent Vault Comics title with the same name, which just came out recently.

One honorable mention goes to Lady Death Devotions #1 Naughty Edition. Only one sold listing from what I could find but for a book that was probably retail at $10 from most shops, the most recent sold went for $44.

Find it and flip it. Might not be a lot of buyers but perhaps patience wins this one out to those Lady Death collectors.


I’m gonna say the loser from this week was Infinity Wars #1 which introduced a new character that we later find out is just Gamora.

This had a lot of buzz initially but what’s it doing a year later? Well, you can still find it in stock at some retailers and it’s going for cover or less on the secondary market.

If you really want to read this series, just buy the complete edition hardcover.


August 8, 2018 Books


I can’t honestly call it a winner but Black Badge #1 is still one of those books I think has potential as a long term grab and hold.

The regular first cover you can still find at local shops (I know one shop that still has some, I grab a copy every now and then to stash).

The Lemire variant did pretty well and still sells for $10 to $12 on a good day. But if you want this dirt cheap or to read, you can find some secondary market listings going for less than cover.

Now, the blank retailer variant did well initially and still sells for $25 to $30 average. If you missed out on this one, maybe now’s the time to buy as these were initially reaching the $70 to $100 range this time last year.

The winner from this week and probably still is the reigning winner is Riptide #1.

Still selling for $25 on average. This saw initial secondary market prices reach much higher. Even a year later this one still sells for multiple times cover price.

Not too shabby, good luck finding them though. Small print run and since hit heated up from the get go last year, most of these were gobbled up from retailers early on.

August 8th was a much smaller week last year.


Fantastic Four #1. Simply put, they just don’t command what they once did back in the day. You can find almost all the covers still available at online retailers.

The other loser is Sandman Universe #1. You can find this on the secondary for less than cover price.

That’s Part I. Stay tuned for Part II that covers the remaining 3 weeks from August 2018.

If I missed anything, point it out and tell me how much I suck..  or kindly point it out and tell me it’s going to be okay, not everyone is perfect.

6 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – One Year Later Report for August 2018 Part I”

  1. Nobodys perfect. Your doing a good job. I love these by the way. Just thinking back a year ago and remembering why I did or didnt pick something up puts a warm feeling in my heart.

    1. Thanks. Glad you all get something from them. They’re certainly tedious and take a lot of time to do, one reason I’m going down to a monthly instead of weekly.

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