Alright, so NYCC is around the corner and we’ve been entertaining the idea of doing a get together for any CHU readers who are going to NYCC this year.

But we need an idea of who’s interested in attending so we know if we need to reserve a location and give an estimate of how many will show up (most locations are requiring I give them a head count). We are shooting for the Friday night, which would be October 4th.

The likely place will serve alcohol so those interested most likely need to be 21 or older.

We’ll have some CHU swag as giveaways as well (stickers, buttons and even 16oz pint glasses).

So you can comment here if you’re interested in joining up with other fellow CHU readers along with Anthony and myself, we’ll also have Tyson from ToyBoxOne as well. Consider it a hang out, talk convention and comics, get to know each other. Drink, eat, etc.

You can also comment in the topic I started in the forums. For those who do RSVP, we’ll be sending out final invites via email as we’re not going to publicly disclose the location once decided.

Looking forward to hopefully putting some avatar and name handles to some faces in real life.

48 thoughts on “NYCC CHU Meetup”

  1. alyana if y2j is there then yes I would be happy to sant in line for that and I have a special,very special present for you poyo blind adam out

      1. Yes, Drog, I am near Toronto. The Amurican government banned me from visiting the USA about ten years ago. I was headed down to Buffalo then and was refused entry due to a weed conviction I had from my teens/early twenties. During that refused entry i was incarcerated for about 4 hours, had my finger prints taken and then was escorted back across the border. So, its not easy for me to get to NYC.

        1. I learned when visiting NYC I just walk everywhere…. Last year I walked all the way to the MET from Hells Kitchen. Strolled around Central Park and then walked back. I think that day I walked a little over 20 miles total… It was awesome. I’m doing the same this year… But hitting the Guggenheim.

          1. If youโ€™re in Times Square, visit the Mariott Marquis. I built the 5th floor bar that looks out over the main lobby. Its a giant cascading mirror set up over and behind the bar. Thats all jcLu right there.

              1. Canadian weed would be too much for most Americans to handle, I can also understand their concern, Mikey. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ˜Œ

        2. Anyone attending, you don’t have to worry about getting back to your hotel if you get drunk or a little tipsy, we’ll be sure to put you on the subway going in the opposite direction you need to go for the full NY experience. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Yes I agree it would be fun to meet everyone and count me in my only concern is that the pannels are still going on at the time. Hopefully I get to meet everyone though!

  3. um a bottle of bubbley with y2j now that is an idea.can I please bringa plus one?my human seeing eye dog?and if you need help finding a place email me love ya all blind adam out

    1. I’ve got one kickass location on the radar but they want a head count. It’s supposedly got a nice rooftop view with bar and food. So hopefully in next few days we have a good idea of number so I can make sure to put in reservation. I’ll mark you down as 2 people.

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