Be On The Lookout: New Avengers #40

Check those back issue bins for this recently cover price or less book, New Avengers #40. Copies are starting to move and move for slightly above cover price.

Now the source is suspect, as it is Cosmic Book News, but they are referencing Lord of the Long Box in saying that Veranke, Queen of the Skrulls, will be the villain in the next Captain Marvel movie. Her first appearance is in New Avengers #40 They also are claiming Richard Rider, Nova, will be in a side kick type roll.

Needless to say, has sold several copies for above cover (previously sales were in the .99 and up range). There are still cheap copies on and Mycomicshop.

There is also a harder to find Second Print which is selling for $10-$12

Again, Cosmic Book News has been known to get stuff wrong, so take it with a grain of salt, but it coukd be a good time to find cheap copies and flip them.

13 thoughts on “Be On The Lookout: New Avengers #40”

  1. It would make no sense, since the skrulls have been portrayed in two movies as nice friendly victims of the already villainous in multiple movies and Agents of Shield. They could do much better than that.

  2. the source is hot garbage.cosmic news sucks terds yes yes yes it does but this is a decent book so if it is selling I will sell it #testify blind adam out

  3. In the movies we see a small group of Skrulls. Talos wants to save his people.

    It may simply mean that his group of Skrulls are pacifists. They just want to be free and left alone.

    Captain Marvel has battled the Skrulls before “teaming up” with them in Cap Marvel movie.
    Doesn’t necessarily mean that the rest of the Skrulls are evil warrior types who hate the Kree for what they did and thus hate the humans (Cap Marvel) for helping the Kree in defeating the the Skrulls.

    Queen Veranke makes lots of sense if Marvel wants to go that route. A queen hell bent on revenge and the Skrulls who follow her.

    There may be a small secret invasion story ark in the films and Talos and his people may end up being the deciding factor in earth’s victory by having him convince the Skrull army that Earth is not their enemy.

    Basically anything is possible, you just never know.

    I would have loved for Secret invasion to be the next phase major story arc. Build the secret invasion over a 5 or 6 movie span and then all out war with the Skrulls to end the arc.
    It would be awesome.

  4. Yeah. It is Amazon sellers though. Some are very good at selling comics. Most aren’t. “New” with many of them range from fine to NM. A bit of a crap shoot sometimes but still, better than paying the $29 asking prices on Ebay.

    1. Good luck getting them shipped to you in anything better than a padded envelope and a backing board…amazon sellers are total armatures when it comes to protecting comics during shipping.

  5. Consider the source. They specialize in hyperbolic overreactions claiming there is an ‘inside source’ who gives them ‘intel’ ? I honestly don’t care about this. Most of the MCU spec tends to be bad. Its a 2.00 dollar book and if you pay more you’re an idiot.

    The MCU does whatever it wants to do. Nobody saw that Skrull twist in Captain Marvel coming. These same guys were pushing back issues of Secret Invasion. They manipulate the ‘market’ to push their own Ebay sales and channel clicks. Not tp mention all these ‘partnerships” with spec sites. Wake up folks. Stop falling for the bs. The only Skrull book that really matters is Fantastic Four 2. Thats it.

    Veranke. Yeah. Sure. ? Kang was supposed tk show up in Endgame. Norman Osbourne is in phase 12. Captain Americal is getting shot at the end of Civil War. Ok. It never ends

    1. I specifically mention to take the source with a large grain of salt. But that being said, copies are moving. I look at trends and try to sell on trends. That’s all there is.

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