Sony Taps Morbius Writers for Madame Web Movie

Thanks to TheOneAboveDonny on our awesome forums (where sometimes the latest is posted before we can post on the main site) for posting this news.

Amazing Spider-Man #210 is catching some heat. With a high raw sale of close to $80 and graded copies getting swooped up and bought, this is a book you might still find in the back issues for pretty cheap that turns into a decent flip.

This is her first appearance. Buy low, sell high. Sony is hit or miss with their movies so now’s the likely time to sell if you ask me.

You can find the link to the original source by reading the post on the forums. Thanks again to TheOneAboveDonny for posting and linking to this news.

17 thoughts on “Sony Taps Morbius Writers for Madame Web Movie”

  1. I have the 30+ copies dollar bin pulls over the years, maybe I should start selling comics again. Weird choice for a movie since about 500 other Spidey characters are more deserving.

    1. Never say never. Madame Web is very powerful.Could be interesting to see her up on the big screen with her powers. Also, look what they did with aunt May. No reason they have to make Web old and fragile. They can make her young/youngish and hot. Either way the book is on just about everyone’s radar now. I don’t think it will cool down for a while. Not until a studio head flat out says there is no movie with her in it.

          1. Yeah, Sony should have definitely tired a little harder with Marvel to get something good going, but why care about the fan base when the money is rolling in?

    1. Just because I would give Madame Web a rocket powered wheelchair where she and Spider-man, with his rocket powered Spider buggy, would drive around town fighting rocket powered criminals? Think a Super hero movie with Xanadu quality special effects and wardrobe. How on earth is that a bad script?

      1. I would definitely race swap her so everyone would piss and moan. I would give her powers she doesn’t have like flight and not use any of her known powers. Will definitely need two actors one to portray the character and a different one to voice her thoughts. Will also put the infinity gauntlet In a shot and then in Madame Web 3 we would reveal it’s not really the infinity gauntlet but a fake sex toy version. Also I would definitely kill Quicksilver again because you know it’s Quicksilver. Lastly I would have the guy who wrote and directed Suicide Squad 1 do the same for this film write in a ghostbusters tower and a dude with armor for the villain and label it a DC movie.

  2. All that sounds fantastic but why stop at a race swap? Might as well go all in and do a species swap…Make Madame Web a talking half spider, half cat, half robot…with rocket eyes (to keep the rocket theme for some reason)…something completely sane and believable like that.

  3. clap clap threat of the day.nothing to add.but I was having abad day so thanks for the laugh and smile on my an i.g. toy for adult use #awesomesauce going to get on that .and Spiderman #2`12 stills ells well for me maybe it is time to just ake the entire run from #200-300 out of the cheap box?love you all blind adam out

  4. I’ve always thought Madame Web has a really elaborate physical presence; which made her Beyonder-level abilities in the 90’s Animated Series all the more interesting. I could see her featured in a Spider-man film at some point, but not a movie of her own. That just seems ridiculous. A Black Cat film couldn’t even get off the ground, so how could they rationalize a Madame Web movie??

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