Nomen Omen #1 Blank Cover Recalled, Diamond Orders Stores to Destroy

Here is a fun one to chase if you can find it. Nomen Omen #1 which is in stores October 2nd, was to have a blank cover variant. Diamond put out notification that it is being recalled and requesting dealers to destroy their copies.

You can check out the full recall notice below.

If your store failed to notice, you may still be able to grab a copy or two. These could be good sellers as people do like to collect errors and recalled comics (I love recalled comics). There are several UK sellers on eBay who have them listed.


Thanks to Monopoly Jackson for the heads up. 

8 thoughts on “Nomen Omen #1 Blank Cover Recalled, Diamond Orders Stores to Destroy”

    1. It’s a little weird. And everything seems to be magnified at 110%
      My main issue is with preorders. Scrolling through the pages it doesn’t indicate if you have preordered the item like before since you don’t have to checkout anymore. You would have to go to “My Preorders” to check. While it’s great you can now change your mind about a particular preorder (canceling or increasing) as long as it’s before FOC, you can wind up preordering multiple copies if its past FOC since the site does not indicate you have previously ordered the item.

      1. Honestly TFAW sucks, getting a discount ordering before foc is great but there are so many sites that gives you the same perc without the TFAW headaches, Unknown Midtown and Sanctum are just a few. Those sites dont charge you for a bag n board. Also the new site migration deleted all passwords and purchase/shipping history, great hopefully you saved your tracking # if you were waiting for a pre-order. The new site migration has been terrible and it made me decide that I will never buy from the site again. I would buy ratios occasionally but now I definitely will give a different site my money,probably one that won’t charge me for a bag n board

        1. The $0.25 for bag and board is really annoying. I would happily move my purchases to midtown permanently if not for the fact that midtown charges you immediately on checkout. If they did it like tfaw and charged when the order was going out, it would be so much better.

      2. “It’s a little weird. And everything seems to be magnified at 110%”

        Sadly so many new sites are doing this by default. Seems the new trend is huge fonts (my guess is for readability/accessibility). When I converted CHU from free wordpress we had to go with a new theme and almost all the themes now use huge fonts. I spent countless hours tweaking the fonts to scale them all down.

        But I feel their pain. Migrating a website from one platform to the next is no easy task and never goes as smoothly as one expects. I say give’em a break, they’ll work out their kinks..

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