Image Comics Curse Words Optioned for TV

Bleeding Cool has announced, in a less than direct way, that Charles Soule an Ryan Browne’s Curse Words has been optioned for a TV show. They just cannot give the details at this time.  The characters and concepts first appear in the Curse Words Ash Can , before going on to the full series with Curse Words #1. Five copies of the ashcan have sold today with about 68 copies of Curse Words #1 having sold.


From Bleeding Cool:

It turns out that Curse Words, the creator-owned series by Soule and Ryan Browne, has been optioned for television. Unfortunately, Soule was unable to reveal the name of the company that optioned the show, saying that they refused to let the creators promote it, even though it would help the upcoming issues of the comic book, which reaches its planned ending with November’s Curse Words #25. Instead, they want to save the promotion for a time close to the actual show’s release in order to promote the show itself.

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