TFAW $1 Variant Sale

Things From Another World is having a Variant Sale that has some great books for as cheap as a dollar. There are many great titles and hot artists represented in the offerings. Check out some of what they have below.

The Variant Sale can be seen here for all in-stock items. The $1 Variants have some great books with great creators. Here are some of the highlights. (Also, if you use the $5 credit from signing up before the new site launched, you can get the books even cheaper (they may still be giving away free $5 credits to new accounts.))

Joshua Middleton

Batgirl #29 Middleton Variant for $1

Batgirl #30 Middleton Variant for $1

Batgirl #34 Middleton Variant for $1

Batgirl #35 Middleton Variant for $1


Batman and the Outsiders #1 Blank for $1

Books of Magic #1 Blank for $1

Detective #1000

Detective Comics #1000 Jim Steranko 1960s Variant for $1

Detective Comics #1000 Jock 2000s Variant for $1

Detective Comics #1000 Steve Rude 1930s Variant for $1

Detective Comics #1000 Tim Sale 1990s Variant for $1

Lucio Parillo

Red Hood Outlaw #33 Parrillo Variant for $1

Jenny Frison

Wonder Woman #70 Frison Variant for $1

Wonder Woman #71 Frison Variant for $1

Alex Ross

Goon #2 Alex Ross Card Stock Variant for $1

9 thoughts on “TFAW $1 Variant Sale”

  1. Look at all the Tec 1000 variants for $1…you can practically get the majority of the set for less than cover!

    Lots of good stuff…the Venom Battelines…Middleton Batgirl and Brooks Detective connecting covers…

    1. Here’s what I found interesting:

      Batgirl (Rebirth) 29 30 34 35 Middletons
      Batman Beyond 32 (Kaare Andrews)
      Catwoman 5 (Artgerm)
      Detective 1000 (30s, 60s 90s 2000s)
      Detective 1002, 1003, 1004 (Brooks)
      Red Hood 33 (Parrillo)
      Venom 14 (Battlelines Carnage cover)
      Wonder Woman 70 71 (Frisson)

      Also 5 of the 20-or-so armor variants of Tony Stark Iron Man #1 are available…surprised more of them aren’t. That was an epic fail money grab on marvels part…person who came up with that idea should have been fired.

  2. Didn’t I say good things come to those who wait for these big #1000 issues that get way over ordered?

    I’m curious, who bought at full cover and who waited to pick these up at a huge discount?

  3. Pretty cool, thanks!

    I sold all my Middletons for a small profit so now I reloaded my personal collection!

    I also bought the detective 1000’s, I never bought one before!

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