DC to Release Joker Year of the Villain Gift Variant for Select Retailers

This one could be hard to get, so get in touch with your local comic shop early. DC Comics is releasing a Joker Year of the Villain #1 Retailer Exclusive Variant that is going to be hard to get because of some hoops retailers had to go through to get them. Check out the details below.

So, remember those misprinted Superman #13 and Supergirl #33 DC recalled a while back? Retailers were asked to destroy them and send in an affidavit of proof that they were destroyed. Those stores will get copies  of Joker Year of the Villain #1 Retailer Exclusive Variant equal to the number of copies they destroyed. All other stores will get one copy per store.

The Joker Year of the Villain #1 Retailer Exclusive Variant features a new joker cover by Brian Bolland. The books will be shipped to stores for free.

Now, this does not mention stores that were on the East Coast that did not get the books at all, completely removed from their orders. They will have to wait to find out how many copies they will get.

Here is the full press release from DC Comics.

6 thoughts on “DC to Release Joker Year of the Villain Gift Variant for Select Retailers”

  1. The question is why do the rest of us get screwed when Diamond stopped our shipment and we never got it. Now I get the same reward as someone who sold it on eBay. Complete BS.

    1. There’s a review of the distribution thing already submitted from Diamond to DC so hopefully soon we’ll have an answer on how many copies we’ll get. I never had any of mine shipped and they compounded the problem by changing the cover art for the Supergirl B variant to a cover art I didn’t want extras of so I have way more than I wanted of that variants replacement book and was forced to increase my order for the variant cover of the next issue at the last minute when they switched the cover art to be the art originally solicited for the recalled edition. We also just went through a Batman Day with the main book of interest having a little kiddie facemask attached to it so kids that came in couldn’t actually have the book since it was Teen + rated. The mask should have been separate or on an All Ages comic. Maybe soon the entire company gets sold off by whoever buys Warner Bros to Disney and then Marvel can step in and fix this nonsense.

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