Things I Like and Don’t Like – NYCC 2019 Edition

It’s that time again, where I tell you what’s really grinding my gears for the week of October 9th, 2019.

Some weeks it’s mostly likes, other weeks it’s dislikes.


So what’s grinding my gears this week for NYCC 2019?


NYCC 2019 Edition

It’s great traveling for the big conventions. New York always puts on a great show. Until I can make it out to SDCC, this is the goto show each year.

It was great stopping by all the booths, chatting up with the small publishers while also stopping by a few of the artists in artist alley as well. While Anthony and I were chatting with Marguerite Bennett, who by the way was doing some awesome maze sketches of her bombshell cover art (yes, I suck, didn’t even snap a pic of it), who decides to drop in and interrupt us to tell her she’s knocking the maze doodles out of the park? Greg Capullo. Awesome guy, so Anthony just made him take a selfie for bumping in line.

Sorry Anthony, I probably beat you to the punch. The funny is, right before this picture was taken, Snyder squeezed by behind them while they were chatting so I had to give Snyder a shout out and nod, he just smiled back and kept on moving. Then following him was Joshua Williamson.

Chatting with Ed Brisson was also a delight, learning that Sheltered isn’t completely dead with renewal of a media deal and some new story arcs possibly in the works. This was one of the first series I read and fell in love with around the time I was just getting back into comics heavily.

I also praised Brisson for his first issue so far on Ghost Rider, a series I’m really looking forward to.

So after I get Brisson to sign my Ghost Rider Black Blank variants, we stick around for Kuder to sign it as well.

While chatting as we got to his booth a bit early for him to do signings as he was doing a commission piece for someone at the time, we are checking out his Ghost Rider #1 original drawings. If I had unlimited money, I would have bought the variant original cover art (this is the Kuder King of Hell variant) he had available for $1800.

So I nabbed 3 total Ghost Rider blank variants so Kuder can add his marks on them..

These were just quick sketches but still way cool if you ask me.

Some of the other highlights during the convention was chatting with Frank Gogol, the writer of Dead End Kids. He was sharing his gripes of Diamond and their delays, allocations and such. It’s nice to hear the publishers and the creators share our common dislike when Diamond acts like Diamond.

The other thing that was kind of cool that happened was as we were heading back to our hotel on Saturday mid-day, we passed Donny Cates so I threw out a “How’s it going Donny?”…  he threw out the typical, “what up” before he realized who he was throwing a shout back to and said, “Oh hey, didn’t mean to give you the typical convention fan response”…  It’s pretty nice knowing he recalls who I am since I’ve been to so many signings and many chats with him down here in Austin.

Our CHU get together was pretty fun. We wish more could have made it but it was cool to chat with some regular readers. Big thanks to Sonny, Mike C (who we also hung out with during the convention) and Michael who came out, had a few drinks. Almost the whole CHU gang made it though as it was me, Anthony, Mel and Blind Adam.

I could go on and on but the thing I dislike the most was my voice started to get hoarse towards the end of the CHU get together. I thought it was just from the colder dry weather (it was literally hot and humid two days prior), drinking some beer and having to talk loud in the bar but it seems I caught a full on head cold now. Saturday I lost my entire voice for a huge majority of the day and most of my traveling home today has been miserable. Since the airport I have yet to been able to relieve the pressure from my ears and the second flight after my layover caused my nose to be runny. Good times though right?

Until next year..  Signing off from NYCC 2019.

27 thoughts on “Things I Like and Don’t Like – NYCC 2019 Edition”

  1. Really bummed I couldn’t meet up with you guys – was only there Thursday and Sunday.

    Curious to hear your thoughts about the convention panels and booths. Compared to prior years, I felt this was one of the worst years in last 5-7 yrs.Very few interesting panels – panels were targeted towards very specific demographics and no geared towards general comic culture. Dealers didn’t have that great stock – found lots of nice little gems and filled lotsa holes (huge shout out for o Searchlight Comics) but most of the $1-2 bins was crap.
    Curious to hear what others thought.

  2. The whole Spawn 300 really made me sour for this year NYCC ..not because i didnt get one, but the things I seen what people were doing to try to get one ..wicked wicked wicked

    1. for the record ..i was mad i didnt get one lol ..but again thats not what made me sour … mad and sour 2 different things lol just wanted to clear that up

      1. Yes and No.. it was really not much they could do..i dont they they expected the swarm..but then again i heard it was like that at SDCC ..all in all it was a wild scene

  3. The forum approval thing expires after 12 hours? Stupid restart of the computer wiped out all the cookie things. The site wouldn’t send an e-mail to reset password so I signed up again. Eventually got distracted before the e-mail arrived. This morning the approval thing says it expired and I have to wait for approval again.

    1. Please don’t sign up with a new user. My side shows the email was sent to reset. Try again. Make sure you’re using the right email you signed up with. blondestabby2 [at] gmail

          1. I don’t know…do you really want to be known as a redskins fan these days?

            Unless the name is just because you liked that team that always played with their shirts off…


            1. At least he’s not following the bandwagon and sticking with his team….

              I lived in Dallas for a huge majority of my life and during those years they could barely win a game I knew plenty of fans that disowned them but quickly became their #1 fans when they started to win Superbowls.

  4. that image line was dangerous.i have sceen riots with more control&foresight .had a blast haing with the chu family at the meet up.the panels I went were #awesomesauce cup of joe&the watchmen panel was great.the watchmen show will be # and i feel nycc is not the show to ge going after $1-3 comics.go big or go home #testify .cost play was off the chain and next year i will have a ya all blind adam outawesomesauce.

    1. Actually I got about 150 $1 comics – searchlight and victory comics are great for that. Problem is that books like X-Men 100 and 101 were going for $300-400 for arguably Vf- NM grades. I can get those books for so much less on eBay. ASM 361 isn’t a $150 book. Dealers just go crazy on those types of books. Just not interested in overpaying

      1. Yeah, I saw one dealer who had a Werewolf by Night raw book, probably a 8.5 to 9.0, was asking $2000.. ummm.. no thanks, that much I’d rather find a slabbed one around that same price range.

  5. I was there Thursday and Friday…….loved it, but two things…..Boom Comics was insane….On Friday I was the 8th person in line, and wasn’t able to receive either of the Once and Future exclusives…..only to find out that vendors were able to get 10 – 15 copies on the first day…
    Second issue…..anyone know Anthonys Comics? Found a Amazing Spiderman 210 in his stock for $4. he looked at it, and was totally pissed that I found that. Starts complaining about the price…to which I say, you really don’t want to do this on the first day of Comic Con….I give him a $5….he looks at me and says he doesn’t have change. OMG. He told I got a good enough deal . I looked at him, took my comic and told him he obviously needs the money more than me. And told him to look for it on ebay. Couldn’t help myself. LOL. What an a$$.

    1. He should have treated you better. You could have been a repeat customer. I hate sellers who treat you like you just robbed him.

    1. Yeah, probably got it on the plane and it took a couple of days for it to kick in. Sucks though, I never get sick so this must of been something nasty my body hadn’t seen in a while.

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