Pre-Game Report for 10/9/19

Books hit the shelves Wednesday mornings, but sales go on before that. Here is what our picks are doing on eBay going into Wednesday morning.

Not a lot going on this week, but here is things to be on the look out for.

JOKER YEAR OF THE VILLAIN #1 RETAILER VARIANT – if your LCS got the recalled Superman and Supergirl variants in and returned them, you may be in luck. Check!! These are going for $49-$75

Spawn #301 1:25  – The new king of indy comics is going for 1.5X ratio at $35-$45

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      1. I consider it the big three now, DC, Marvel, Image. Image Was constantly selling Walking Dead at over 100,000 copies. You can’t be an Indy if your book is the highest print run for the month for years.

  1. “JOKER YEAR OF THE VILLAIN #1 RETAILER VARIANT – if your LCS got the recalled Superman and Supergirl variants in and returned them, you may be in luck. Check!! These are going for $49-$75”

    That’s not true. A small number of stores got the books. Some of them chose to sell them and made a nice profit. DC sent an “affidavit” out for stores to send in saying they’d destroyed the books not having to return them. Those stores got copies if they sent in the affidavit. Now those stores are getting rewarded. Some signed the affidavit most likely and sold the comics anyway getting double rewarded more than likely since the books did not have to be sent back.

    The majority of us had the books pulled from our boxes prior to shipping and never had the option to send in the “affidavit” basically getting left out while having to pay for books that were not shipped and wait weeks for the replacements to finally arrive.

    Diamond is supposedly in contact with DC about this so hopefully in a few weeks all the stores will get copies and the volume will crash the price of this week’s offering. Hopefully we’ll know soon. I would hold off jumping on copies of this variant until the verdict is in and we find out how many are going to end up on the market in a few weeks. This could very well end up being a cover price comic once full distribution is approved. You know they didn’t run the presses for just a few dozen copies for a few dozen stores. The print run is going to be decent size most likely.

    1. I said check the shelves. At this time they are selling for exactly what I reported. And yes, it is true, if your store got the books and did what they were supposed to do to return the books, they would have gotten the Jokers. Now many stores did not get their books. Especially ones on the east coast. I am hearing they may come in a separate shipment.

      1. “and did what they were supposed to do to return the books, they would have gotten the Jokers.”

        That’s the part you’re misrepresenting. NOONE RETURNED ANY. Zero, they had an affidavit which is a piece of paper they signed and sent in “SAYING” the books were destroyed.

        End result is the few stores that got lucky and had them delivered got to keep them and sold them.

        Some signed a piece of paper saying they’d destroyed them and then getting a FREE copy of this cover for every one the got shipped.

        Some most likely did BOTH, resulting in double dipping.

        Now the majority of us who had the books yanked from our boxes are finally getting a token prize of ONE copy of the book on the 30th.

        It’s still an unfair situation for those of us who never got completed delivery of the books we were charged for and had to wait extra weeks to get but it should put a couple thousand more copies of the book on the market on the 30th probably crashing the price so instead of jumping out and paying high prices now Chu readers should wait until the 30th and see if the extra distribution brings the price down which it should.

        1. BJ, I am not misrepresenting anything. Yes, there were stores that got them, followed what they were supposed to do, and are getting the Joker book. There are stores who probably also lied and sold them and are getting the Joker books. And now we know DC and Diamond have changed the rules and stores that did not get them will only get one Joker. Sadly you are on the east coast and did not get the original books so you are only getting one joker.

          The semantics of destroying the books and returning the affidavit is splitting hairs and pointless.

          1. It’s an important distinction. Returning means you did not sell them. It means you spent time, money and material in postage and packaging out of your own pocket.

            Copying a file off the internet, signing it and scanning it to e-mail back saying you destroyed the items cost nothing but a single sheet of paper and a minutes effort while leaving open the potential that the books were not destroyed.

            Now the people who signed the paper get rewarded with stacks of $50 Bills equal to the number they filled in on the affidavit for destroyed copies. The rest of us get treated like the stores who went ahead and sold them. Even those stores are getting a FREE copy of this cover.

            “Retailers who received the original versions of Superman #14 and Supergirl #33 and submitted an affidavit of destruction were to receive free copies of The Joker: Year of the Villain #1 Retailer Gift Variant Edition in quantities equal to their FOC orders on Superman #14 (JUN19 0540 – main cover only).

            Retailers who received the original versions of Superman #14 and Supergirl #33 but did not submit an affidavit of destruction were to receive one copy of The Joker: Year of the Villain #1 Retailer Gift Variant Edition per account.”

            Basically DC is screwing over a large number of their customers to reward a small number of accounts who may or may not have actually sold the books and since the books were NOT RETURNED!

            They should have sent all the stores who didn’t receive the comics the same number they ordered of the other books just like they did the affidavit filling out stores.

            The one’s who didn’t fill out an affidavit that received the books should be the one’s who don’t get the Joker variant.

            This whole situation is screwed up on DC’s part by lumping us together and not distinguishing between us.

            1. We can agree that it is screwed up. Honestly BJ it sounds like sour grapes that you did not get the first books so now are mad that you aren’t getting the Joker. But let’s be 100% honest, if you had gotten the Superman and Supergirl books, you would have sold them to your shoppers at a “discount off eBay prices” and signed the affidavit you had destroyed them.

  2. If Spawn had come out on time, he’d have broken the record in June 2017.

    It’s a shame Erik Larsen missed even more Savage Dragon deadlines than McFarlane did. He gave McFarlane a 13 month headstart but would have had 301 our last year if he could have kept a monthly schedule.

  3. Your right BJ. But if you read the original email we all were suppose to get the cover. At least 1 per store. DC and Diamond changed that. Then when those of us retailers sent in the original email and said hey where’s ours? Now we get them. Go figure.

    If you really want to split hairs we can always debate about ComicsPro and their LCSD campaign. How it favors only brick and mortar shops and those of us selling out of the garage get screwed cause we are not considered “real” retailers. Are you getting;g those comics? I’m sure you are. My point is there is injustice everywhere and if you are going to pick only 1 then you are doing a disservice to the community

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