Monstress Coming To HBO Max?

Copies of Monstress #1 have been selling briskly today because word is leaking out that it may be coming to HBO Max

About 28 auctions have sold today after word came out that Monstress may be coming to HBO Max. Key Collector put out an alert stating it was in development at HBO Max.

If you are sitting on copies, now could be a good time to sell some and recoup…

25 thoughts on “Monstress Coming To HBO Max?”

  1. Does anyone here actually think HBOmax is going to make it a year with all the competition in streaming these days? Bill Maher who’s show is on HBO was blasting it on Friday, “who wants to pay for HBO twice a month? “

    1. Comic adaptations on premium cable channels don’t do so well anyways. Look at Outcast on Cinemax, but then again, the writing for Outcast kind of sucked donkey balls, the comic didn’t last as long as I think Kirkman thought it would.

      But either way, buy low, sell high. Now’s the time sell. The real winner out of Monstress is the very hard to find 2nd printing.

      1. I’ve read Outcast since the beginning and I agree. The story had no real direction at all and the show was worse. Kyle never seemed to have a purpose except to question his ability and be a coward. Kirkman never really explains what the spirits are or what they are trying to accomplish. What are Kyle and the other Out casts and were did they get their power? I’ve always assumed they were demons trying to escape hell and the Outcasts are angles sending them back.

        1. Yeah, I lasted up until like issue 9, then someone said it got good… picked up 10 and 11 and then felt like I wasted my money.. not to pick on Kirkman but he hit gold on the Walking Dead story line… I’ve heard Invincible was good (I haven’t read yet) but I’ve given most of his other stuff a go, he’s just not that good of a writer…

    1. Not so much. It has been reported. We are noticing an uptick in sales over the course of the day. I like to sell on trends. It’s a good day to list. I do not know what Key Collector’s source is, but I had heard a rumor before the alert came out. So, we are pointing out it is being reported but can not confirm the source at this time. Stay turned.

  2. Does anyone have a chart to show, how many of these comics, an actual film has been made, not inc Marcel/DC. In the 3 years how many comics have been optioned and something has been made and moved on to bigger things.

    1. The Kitchen but think it’s vertigo/DC, Raising Dion is a tv show as well as Umbrella Academy they made it. I hear they are currently filming Aleister Arcane with Jim Carrey.

  3. I’m so sick of Key Collector making these announcements, driving the price up, and if anyone with half a brain can tell you this will never be on our tv screens. Wasn’t it over a year and a half ago they said the same thing about The Invisibles and Ice Cream Man? Does anyone really believe those will EVER be a show? And yet in this spec age, nothing that goes up, ever seemingly goes down again ever.

    1. I found several articles online last night all seem to be stemming from one that is now deleted. Still, I like to sell on trends. I never recommend buying on news.

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