7 thoughts on “Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer Drops Online”

  1. I only watch the very first trailer of these movies and then ignore all the rest and tv spots, youtube trailer analysis videos etc because it ruins the movie for me. Will catch the movie in the theatres come December.

  2. Lando is in the movie, something happens to 3pO and Rey/Kylo strike something down together which looked like a statue.

    Other than that….no plot clues.

    I’m excited for the movie…but this trailer does nothing for me other than remind me the movie comes out this December 20….which I’ll admit I forgot about.

  3. I hate the Disney Star Wars movies not the same feel as the previous 6. For how bad the Phantom Menace and Attack Of The Clones are they still have the same exact feel as 3, 4, 5, 6. Cry baby Kylo and affirmative action Rey never made me feel like I’m watching a Star Wars movie. Sure they may of put characters from the past in these movies for nostalgia but I feel like they are wasted and misused. But yeah I’ve got to see it in the theaters like the other 8 movies.

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