Pre-Game Report for 10/23/19

Books hit the shelves Wednesday mornings, but sales go on before that. Here is what our picks are doing on eBay going into Wednesday morning.

Regular Covers
Batman Beyond #37 – cover price book selling for $12 plus some cheaper listings but trending up to $16. (Check first)

Marvel Action Spiderman #10 Jonboy Meyers Variant – Awesome 1:10 cover going for $40

Marauders #1 1:50 Nuack Variant – This one is a funny one. Completed sales as high as $89 and down from there. Copies listed for half ratio currently

Immortal Hulk #25 1:25 Variant – Another funny one. Was selling for at or above ratio and once again, lower.

Immortal Hulk #25 1:200 Green Sketch Variant – This is a pricey one. Was selling for Above $200 last month. Has dipped since then. I can say that when it came out the cover is just regular Marvel cover stock and not the sketch cover material it kind of killed this one a bit.

Immortal Hulk #25 1:500 Alex Ross Variant This is the big boy. If you can get it below ratio…. even then it is a big price. But, copies are selling in the $700+ range.


Let me know if you see something that is missing.

6 thoughts on “Pre-Game Report for 10/23/19”

  1. And after all that whining by some when CHU reminded people when the Batman Beyond 37 was up for FOC…it’s still going for 3 times cover out of the gate.

    I have one at my LCS, one in order and I hope to grab another at another LCS tomorrow.

    I might grab the Marvel Action Spider-Man issue too…happy hunting for the 1:10 variant!

    Mary Jane Secret Variant? Meh.

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