Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 103

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. Going to keep this short and sweet. I am loving Watchmen on HBO, all the CW shows, Riverdale and Batwoman are amazing, as is the Flash. Flamebird could use some serious cosplay love as could Betty Cooper & bronze age Vicky Vale. Scott Snyders JLA is amazing as is Sharky the Bounter Hunter. Now lets make some money with comics cause you can’t teach that.

1. Image plus #7 – Donny Cates is the modern master. God Country is optioned and this is the true first appearance of God Country. It can be still found cheap but is quickly becoming a $20 plus book. Donny cates is the man

2. Batman the Long Halloween #1 Comicfest 2013 Variant – new movie source material. I so want Seth Rogan to play the Penguin and I want Sasha Gray to play Lady Shiva. Yes I said it, Sasha Gray to play Lady Shiva in the new movie but according to the greatest podcast in the world, Fatman on Batman, Kevin Smith in the house, this legendary mini series is the source material for the new movie. Snag them quick, soon, as I can see this movie doing good things as DCEU has something to prove after the Joker movie, $10 and up

3. Batman #334 – great t and a covers will always sell well. Sex sells and everyone is buying #testify. Classic Bronze-age Catwoman bondage cover nuff said $10

4. Web of Spiderman #20 – I like this cover.I am putting together a set of the Marvel 25th anniversary covers. Surprised on how much some of them fetch. I am also surprised of how many of them are in dollar boxes including this issue of Web of Spiderman. Now if I can only find the poster $1-5

Well that is it for this week, going to take a nap. Thanks for being the best blessing in my life. Remember, you don’t need sight to have a vision

11 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 103”

    1. Yeah, count me in that group that doesn’t count Image Firsts as first appearances of anything. It’s like Image’s version of Previews that does articles and it failed miserably, are they even still doing them? I don’t ever see them at my shops anymore.

      1. If image plus contained a preview and it came out first then it’s technically a first appearance. You can’t deny the facts. These books usually go nowhere though.

        1. It’s a first for sure in publishing sense, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a collectible or valuable though. I just think some take the whole previews or ads as first appearances a bit too far. It’s just a stretch in my opinion… We should start collecting the Monthly Previews books then.. that has all kinds of first appearances in them.. 😉

  1. Why do they consider Batman #334 a bondage cover? They’re all chained on the cover and that’s not even close to bondage in a sexual way.. There’s nothing sexy about this cover.

    1. Who’s “they”?

      There are people that are a chain around someone’s neck and automatically are turned on. It’s like those who get turned on by pastrami, the most sensual of the cured meats…

      Who are we to tell them what lights their fire, as long as they are not harming anyone?

  2. i am only starting with true firsts. #testify and for anyone saying that batman #334 is not sexy come on use your imagine thank you allffor reading and for all the love and surport blind adam out

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