Winner Announcement for Ghost Rider Sketch Giveaway

Announcing the winner of the Ghost Rider Black Blank Variant with Kuder Sketch/Autograph with Ed Brisson autograph.

So what was the actual prize again? It was this bad boy..

Keep scrolling to find out if you won..

And the winner is..   to the poor guy who was never allowed to read Ghost Rider as a kid..


I’ll be emailing you as well. You got 24 hours to claim the prize or we give it away to some other lucky person.  Muhahahahaha!


3 thoughts on “Winner Announcement for Ghost Rider Sketch Giveaway”

  1. Lol thank you so much. Love the site and keep up the great work. FYI my dad is a minister, so Ghost Rider was a no go in the house as a kid. I am named after Jarvis from Iron Man so he made up for it.

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