Poyo’s FOC Highlight Book for 11/11/2019

This was the winner book a few weeks back and is still selling well, the first print that is. Now comes a second print of the book that highlights this weeks FOC pick for November 11th, 2019.

So retailers have it easy. Apparently they can just click FOC to bring up all the books on final order cutoff that gives them all the last minute books to order in one simple ordering format.

But this weeks highlight pick goes to Batman Beyond #37 Second Printing that is on final order cutoff but for some reason they’re choosing to not include it in the FOC order list with all the other books. This is at least what I learned from a retailer who feeds me info after many many bribes and pre-orders of all the crappy books they know will sit on the shelves for months and years so the qualify for the ratio variants. I kid, no really, no bribes for free info. Nobody should have to pay for speculation information that is already out there or soon will be! If you actually pay for speculation of comic books, you’re throwing your money away. Feel free to just throw my direction then..

The second printing is suppose to have an alternate color for the cover and retailers will have to search the Diamond database to order this second printing. This book is slated to have a release date of November 27th and why are they doing this? Well, they said due to demand, this is to speed up the ordering process to meet the release deadline, a date they created themselves. It’s like they’re taking a play out of BOOM!’s playbook in creating a false sense of demand by limiting it by their own rules.

So yes, they’re warning retailers that allocations may occur and quantities are limited. So even if you can get your local shop to order these for you, there’s a chance they might not even get them.

I’d list a pre-order link but there’s a good chance most retailers will only list these online when they know they have them in hand or confirmed how many are being shipped to them.

Now there is a seller on eBay that has these listed for pre-order at $3.60 each + $4 shipping. You can certainly take your chance with them as well. eBay loves buyers so if they cancel you’ll get your money back and you can leave them a nasty negative if you really feel like being a jackass (seriously, don’t leave a negative if they cancel cause the books got allocated, it’s not their fault).

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  1. I just saw this 2nd printing on eBay, and confirmed it on Diamond’s site too.

    I Was going to post something about on your
    FOC book article as I’m sure not many are aware it’s going back to press, and Wouldn’t you know that’s the book you picked!

  2. This is our listing. DC is NOT taking anything out of Boom’s playbook. DC has been doing this with several 2nd prints even before Boom was rushing print production on 2nd and 3rd printings. Our reputation speaks for itself. To imply people leave us negative feedback for our eBay listing is ignorant and inappropriate even as a joke. Stick to talking about speculation books and stay out of the sales.

    1. Chris,

      If you read my post I’m clearly telling people to not leave negative. I’m actually calling them jackasses if they do! You really left the most important part of my message out.

      Cheers mate, you took what clearly was me being sarcastic way too far. And I stand by what I said, if you quickly leave negative on eBay, you’re a jackass!

      1. Even as a joke, we deal with customers regularly and they will leave negative feedback even if you state it is a jackass move on their part. Your sarcasm is not lost to us but if you have experience in sales you will not find that comment funny at all. We have simply removed the option to purchase this title. In the future we don’t mind you linking our products for sale as that is appreciated but please hold back any humor in regards to negative feedback or retaliation for dealing with allocations. We simply want to provide these books to our customers while the price is still affordable.

        1. Understood but I think you’re still taking it a bit too far.

          As for sales, I got plenty of past experience myself and I find it very humorous still.

          I think most of our readers are smart enough to know I was actually calling them out (if they were to leave negatives) instead of what you’re implying. Please give our readers a bit more credit man!

          We appreciate the books at a discount and spec sites are part of the sales process if you think about it. We push more sales to not only the publishers but the retailers as well.


    2. You’re digging yourself a hole and attracting some negative attention. You shouldnt have commented. Leaving negative feedback for a cancelled item is not an isolated incident.

  3. I’m glad you find it’s funny so you list it for sale after making that statement and see how well that goes for you but because of this article, I am not reposting the item for sale. I hope the majority of our customers were able to get it.

    1. That’s your discretion to not list them. I only linked because it was the only listing for any type of pre-order I found.

      Not sure what you mean by “see how well that goes for you”… but doesn’t matter. I hope everyone that wants a copy can get a copy as well. That’s why I write on a spec site and link to sources that are selling books we write about.

            1. Damn, I wish I’d looked closer…they still have it up on their website, but for $3.99 and they charge $6.99 flat rate shipping…Yuk.

              Golden Apple was $8!

              Hopefully UnknownCBs or NYCC have it up for sale soon. Otherwise it’s TFAW.

              1. I’ll imagine Midtown will have it up a week prior to release on the 20th.. but they won’t have a pre-sale before that. I haven’t had much luck with Midtown and I really hate their huge delays in shipping lately. Nothing worse than adding and spending the extra money on USPS Priority only for it to get delayed in actually sending by another week or two.

                Yikes, $8 to ship…

        1. These must have just got updated cause I know the TFAW link wasn’t there when I posted this. The Golden Apple i might of missed, I don’t always check their site.. But very nice! More options for readers…

  4. Dang, tried to order this thru my pullbox on previews and got the dreaded “Retailer has rejected order items that you have requested“

    Oh well.

  5. Here is the information from Diamond.

    Batman Beyond #37 Second Printing (SEP198986) will not be offered on Final Order Cut-off. To ensure delivery by November 27, your order must be placed by Monday, November 11. Quantities may be limited. Orders may be allocated.

    1. This is the other reason (besides it’s a new Batwoman that could have potential on it’s own) this was my FOC pick. Now, is it going to be easy or hard to get? Is it just Diamond and DC playing marketing games to make seem like it’s going to be a bit harder to obtain, creating artificial demand? Maybe or it’s genuine and it could be hard to get come November 27th. That’s speculating based on the only evidence given…

      speculate – a) form a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence. b) invest in stocks, property, or other ventures in the hope of gain but with the risk of loss.

  6. Offering any book that has not yet been delivered is always, always, a risky move .. there is never any guarantee that any book will arrive from Diamond in any way near the condition a pre-order Customer might be expecting ..

    If books arrived damaged and / or in lesser condition than Customer expectations then the Seller only has two choices .. cancel the order and refund or ship it and risk an angry Customer .. either way would be a feedback risk ..

    With my Pull & Hold folks, if a book they subscribe to arrives damaged in any way and I can’t get a replacement, then I always offer it to them at half off, which at least covers the cost ..

    I would personally never list a book on-line until I have it in hand .. yes, I know that could somehow defeat the purpose of the initial “heat” and FOMO, but I’m in the Comic Business, not the Speculation Business ..

    Diamond over the many years (since 1990), that I’ve dealt with them have not become known as the “folks that handle with kid gloves” and certainly, UPS has not either .. in addition, there can be printing flaws, stapling flaws, etc ..

    If a Retailer is willing to take that risk, it’s their choice to make .. I just won’t do it ..

    1. I sell on eBay and I take the same stance, I don’t list until I have in hand and I know it’s in the condition I’m listing it as. Even if I have the confirmation email from an order that the comic is on the way, I wait as you never know what could happen while the books in transit.

      1. I agree here. I don’t list anything until I have it in hand. I take as many pics as possible just to eliminate any doubts about condition. I also do not “pre-order” anything through ebay sellers. However, I understand that there are collectors out there who don’t have the luxury of an lcs for preorders. anyone who isn’t sure where to look, visit http://www.previewsworld.com and look at the catalog of upcoming releases.

  7. Now, I’m going to clarify what I’ve stated here because clearly it seems some are taking what I said completely out of context.

    I never once called sellers on eBay jackasses. I did not call buyers on eBay jackasses. What I said was, don’t be a jackass if you’re the type who proceeds to leave a negative comment towards a seller before allowing them to either fix the issue or refund you, or understand how pre-orders work that could be allocated. Sure sellers are taking a chance on pre-orders as no order from Diamond is guaranteed but that should not warrant a negative.

    I also don’t judge sellers by their negative feedbacks. Most of the time you can tell the honest sellers by judging how they reply to those who do leave negatives. It doesn’t take much sense to get an idea of who is likely being unreasonable when a negative is being left.

    So, before you start throwing stones at me claiming I called you a jackass or asking people to leave negatives, read what I said again, it’s basically saying the opposite.


    1. Sanctum took down the pre-order links on their website as well.

      What a weird turn of events based on a misunderstanding.

      Honestly I ordered from Sanctum a number of times and have had no complaints. Although the $8 shipping for two comics was something I haven’t encountered before. But a lot of places seem to be charging priority mail automatically as soon as your total reaches 2 comics…

      I used to be able to order three comics and only pay $4-$5….that was just up until a few months ago. My last two orders from Midtown went from $3.99 to $6.49 for two comics just over the past couple weeks!

      1. If shipping costs continue to rise… Its going to backfire for online sales I think.

        Oh well on them removing the pre-orders…. CHU generates a lot of traffic… Their loss on potential sales.

  8. Meh, i thought i cared but i realy dont. It all depends on how retailers read the listing on Diamond. One listing dosnt mention Allocations, the Other does. If a retailer listed this thinking they would get all they ordered and then suddenly read this article and freaked out cause there will be allocations on a hot book , then as that retailer i would Thank CHU for bringing it to my attention. OR i could just simply be an ass and leave comments that look negative toward my company. Like the Old Zork Books … You chose.

  9. I think this person over exaggerated. Poyo clearly stated NOT to be a bad person and leave a negative feedback if you’d didn’t get the book. We all know Diamond sucks and they take advantage of everyone since they are the only distributors. Maybe the owner had to many orders and used this post to take the link out so that they can at least fulfill the ones they got in. Ether way, I know I’ll be ordering one and see if I get it. If not, I know the world is not going to end cuz I didn’t get this book. Good luck to all!!!

  10. This is going to be interesting. As of last nights FOC I think only TFAW and Golden Apple had listed it. Sanctum took it down, NYCC, unknown comic books and G-Matt didn’t list it at all (did they miss it or not want to chance it?). MCD and Midtown don’t list books this close to release until a week before it goes on sale or less.

    Did I miss anyone?

    I ordered a couple from GA and TFAW, figures it was a small risk to take with a potential big reward…see what happens!

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