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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 263rd edition of the open forum!

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

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    1. I always like Dell Otto’s covers. Pyslocke’s daughter is cool and going to drive the story but I am really hoping for more of Apocalypse’s grandson from over in X-Men 2

  1. Disney plus is #awesomesauce.i only wish they had more marvel stuff pre 1990s.scored a 5.5 superman #98 all he x men books are great.fallen angels #1,o.k. off to tyope up hidden gems&watch x men the animated series blind adam out

  2. Picking up:
    Unsacred 1
    Absolute Swamp Thing 1 HC

    Picked up:
    Some issues of Poison Elves to complete my run

    I tried some Pappy Van Winkle whiskey for the first time. A friend opened a new restaurant bar and brought in a bottle to drum up some attention. It was good, but I can list a lot of rum that is better. It was not $950/bottle good.

    Kung Fu Theater was last night showing Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow, Jackie Chan’s breakout movie. There were a lot of actors that show up in Kung Fu Hustle, one of my favorite movies.

  3. Really glad I pre-ordered 5 copies of cover A (CAMPBELL) FAR SECTOR #1. I called this book during previews. I don’t care for LANTERNS much whatsoever, however, I do care about local artist phenom JAMAL CAMPBELL obviously from NAOMI. I haven’t heard of JEMISIN myself, a friend who read FIFTH SEASON said heads up amazing writer.. When I saw HUGO and NEBULA award winner I knew all the pieces were in place.. So here we are.

    I was very agressive this morning, let’s just say I have plenty of copies of all covers in addition to my 5 pre-orders. I know when to go hard which I did. The shops around me didn’t order many copies. This book was somewhat overlooked. It’s a lower print run, I’m guessing under 35k but I’m tempted to say high 20k, very similar to NAOMI. Last night it was a solid $17 book with full sets of 3 for $35. Even with undercutting it’s a $12-15 book and rising as I write this…

    I just read the book. Solid first appearances, excellent story, amazing art. This book has it all for me. I can’t help but to compare it to NAOMI.. This book is way hotter out of the gate, NAOMI took weeks to catch on. DIAMOND sold out of FS #1 already this morning. MIDTOWN only has a few (1 per customer) left available they won’t last.. All variants sold out last week day of release pre-orders.. There’s no copies left in my area. SOLD OUT. I guarantee a second printing, probably multiple printings when this is all said and done..

    Lastly, there has been many complaints about the cover A print run. I have conferred with numerous colleagues in Chicago, New York, Vancouver, Los Angeles and of course here in Toronto.. It’s a poor run. Bottom left has staples that aren’t well centered to the spine causing a twist, top corners are beat up, with a small suction cup print on the bottom right as they came off the press hard causing a crease. Look closely in the light on an angle.. Those who aren’t finding that problem are seeing rough bottom corner spines. It’s a poor run and I believe high grade will be VHTF in 9.8.. The B/C cover variants are minty, no worries there.

    All these indicators are huge. My speculation spidey senses are going nuts over this book.. How are you guys finding the condition of your copies? Anyone find some minty 9.8s out there?? Sorry for the novel it’s just exciting to have some real solid spec as we all know it’s been quiet. Be well everyone, good luck.. ✌️

  4. Looking at my cover A Far Sector… Only one in the shop when i got there 30 minutes after opening… Staples seem fine. Small spine ding to left of title. The outer spine has that shredded look and feel to it
    … Bottom corner is rough. Other customers were complaining about the B and C….
    Can it be this hard to keep comics clean before they get to a shelf??

  5. Todays pickups were Far Sector #1 – only copy my LCS had. Fallen Angels #1 cvr A and Xmen #2
    The Far Sector#1 had a blunted lower corner and spine tick between the staples.

  6. picked up fallen angels #1 x men #2flash #82 and a few random back issues kick a&&&hitgirl watching various classic toddfather books on ebay hulk #340,batman #423&asm #300 did anyone catch the alex ross spawn variant love you guys blind adam out

  7. I got 1 copy of each cover for Far Sector. There were plenty at the store, but I never have any luck flipping these. I posted mine yesterday and it has 66 views and 1 watcher.

  8. Late comments from the Wed. hunt…

    Picked up a few variants as follows:
    – Fallen Angels #1 1:25 ($10)
    – Marvel Action Spidey #11 RI ($10)
    – Folklords #1 1:25 ($11)
    – Excalibur #1 1:50 – from last wk – ($10)

    Got all 3 cvrs for Far Sector #1, plus an extra cvr C. My LCS had about 20 copies — I didn’t see folks clamoring for it. I had to pick thru to get some nicer copies (and avoid spine dings & cvr dents). Didn’t notice staple issues…will go back & chk.

    I’m liking most of the DC acetate cvrs even though they are quite slippery. Had to grab the JL Odyssey B cvr too b/c it was really striking. Thought the Wonder Woman B cvr was cringe-worthy.

    Picked up Morbius reg. cvr, Ryp variant, and Holtz variant. The interior artwork looks great; I hope it reads well. I may be getting the 1:50 Inhyuk Lee variant next week – fingers crossed. What an awesome cover!!

    Did anyone else think the variant cvrs for X-Men #2 were lame? What a giant yawn the 2099 and 1:25 cvrs were IMO.

    I really wanted Teether 3, but the four copies I saw were in crappy shape…looked like a combo of printer & delivery damage. The Teether 1 & 2 2nd prints weren’t much better. What a disappointment. I recall not picking up the Teether 2 first print (quite awhile back) b/c the only copy I could find was damaged. I have a Teether 1 first print and would like to continue the story, but I am not buying damaged copies. Note to comic publishers…you are going to lose your audience if your books are printed/delivered in rough shape.

    I passed on Dollhouse Family even though I liked the B cvr. The interior artwork turned me off. I felt the same way about Basketful of Heads and passed on that one too. I am excited by the concept, but disappointed by the product.

    My LCS only had a small amount of “TMNT Road to 100” freebies. I managed to get 1. Didn’t have time to hit any other shops, so wondering if they were in short supply…?

  9. FAR SECTOR #1 SOLD OUT ALL COVERS MIDTOWN!! One per customer. The variants sold out day of preorder release last week. That’s all folks, cover price is drying up grab some if you can find them… Now it’s a secondary market book… Here we go…


    This is going nuclear. Called it. Have a good weekend everybody..

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