Covrprice Top 10 List for 11/14/19

Since  came on the scene, they have become a go to spot for watching eBaytrends on comics. They scour thousands of eBay sales to cultivate data to spotlight the hottest selling comics. Here is this week’s Top Ten Comics: (Please note, potential spoilers do follow, and, these results are for auction that closed last week. )


Units Sold: 34
Raw Average: $13.50
Graded Average: NA
Reason: Recently optioned Cullen Bunn comic

Units Sold: 37
Raw Average: $11.43
Graded Average: $92.13 (9.8)
Reason: First full appearance of Mr. Negative

Units Sold: 37
Raw Average: $15.91
Graded Average: $37.50 (9.8)
Reason: First comic book appearance of Leopardon, Spider-Man (Japan) giant robot. Into The Spider-verse 2 related.

4. SPAWN #1
Units Sold: 44
Raw Average: $4.35
Graded Average: $113 (9.8)
Reason: Perenial Favorite.

Units Sold: 19
Raw Average: $12.20
Graded Average: NA
Reason: First appearance of Elainna Grayson, believed to be Catwoman Beyond

Units Sold: 28
Raw Average: $15.13
Graded Average: NA
Reason: First appearance of Batwoman Beyond

Units Sold: 23
Raw Average: $101.00
Graded Average: $320.00 (9.8)
Reason: First appearance of Miles Morales

8. SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1
Units Sold: 25
Raw Average: $5.35
Graded Average: $66.34
Reason: Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse 2 trailer sparked renewed interest.

Units Sold: 22
Raw Average: $23.84
Graded Average: $77.73 (9.6)
Reason: New movie in development.

Units Sold: 19
Raw Average: $51.71
Graded Average: $236.00 (9.8)
Reason: First appearance of Thunderbolts, they were recently confirmed for the MCU

50 thoughts on “Covrprice Top 10 List for 11/14/19”

    1. I don’t want to hear any it’s a preview either it’s in a paid for issue of Amazing Spider-Man with the new Spider-Man character that predates Spidey2099 #1 by months. Not to take anything away from the first Spidey 2099 series which was a 1st issue subscription for mine back then.

      1. Couple things,

        I agree ASM 365 is his first appearance. But why must it be that a first appearance always the book to chase? (1) It’s a preview, and (2) it’s not a first cover.

        Another point is this list is highly dependent on number of sales week to,week. ASM 365 still commands more, but SM2099 is still a cheap book ($5 raw average) so maybe people are thinking they would rather have the full story with the cover and not bother with the preview.

        In the end, we all know market decides which is the book to have…whether we agree with it or not.

      2. i agree wholeheartedly. Previews, comic shop news, give aways are not first appearances. The only thing like that to gain any respect is Marvel’s FOOM series of the 70’s, and even then, its a side collectible, not a true first app

        1. The same comment could be made for The Tick #1/The Tick Special Edition 1. The latter is just a preview of the contents of the actual book; The Tick # 1 should be his first appearance.

  1. As a kid I remember how hard it was to get the hologram books for the different Spider-Man series’s at the time you couldn’t find them on the shelves within a hour of the store opening.

    1. I was searching for copies of ASM12 (2014) because it supposedly has the first full appearance of Cowboy Spider-Man (Webslinger) who is on the cover of Spider-verse #4.

      Then the Spider-verse teaser comes out and people are talking about the Japanese Spider-Man and Leopardon. And wouldn’t you know his first appearance is also issue 12.

      Luckily I came across a couple NM copies this week. One of the regular cover, another the Spider-Ham variant. Bought for cover.

        1. Of all books on this list that’s the most interesting book in terms of flip potential IMO. It’s probably sitting in back issue bins for cover (so you can stock up on the cheap) and this Leopardon character will be a hit when more details come forth for SV2. Not Miles or Spider-Gwen popularity but maybe a $30+ Book like Penni Parker (ITSV #5) was for a while? So good potential for return on investment with low risk. There are other firsts in that book too to bump up its interest or keep it steady. In fact, pick up the whole run 8-14 if you find it in NM grade at cover.

          I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Leopardon character (w/Japanese Spider-Man) get his own limited series around the time SV 2 comes out in 2022. Or leading up to it.

          Everything else is already established and you likely won’t find high grades sitting on the shelf or back issue bins. So although they have potential Theyre not something you can stock up on cheaply.

    2. “As a kid I remember how hard it was to get the hologram books for the different Spider-Man series’s at the time you couldn’t find them on the shelves within a hour of the store opening.”

      The hot books nowadays you can’t even find at shops at time of opening and the first customer there.. Remember Batgirl #23 Middleton? Yeah and then weeks later a stack of them were seen in the back stock of the store.. I won’t name the shop, you dig through the comments here you can. Things haven’t changed a bit for a lot of shops and hot new books.

  2. BTW, big fan of Batman Beyond. Especially the covers (mostly the Bs) for this series.

    Nice to see that series getting some recognition.

  3. 100% agree with Alana. It’s a true first whether it’s a preview or not. Shit, you could make an argument that Spider-Man 2099 is part reprint. So yeah they’re going after the wrong book if looking for the first appearance.

    1. We don’t know what people’s interest to in the book is. The price is $5 avg. Maybe people love the cover! I do. I have 3 copies…all raw newsstand, btw (one going for grading in hopes it’s a 9.8).

      I also have 3 copies of ASM 365, two CGC 9.6s, I’m covered either way.😁

      Bottom line is Know the facts and then make your decision. Not everything is cookie cutter or predictable. That’s human nature and adds to the excitement (whether it be fun or frustration).

      ASM 365 is the 1st time he appears in a comic book and it’s a direct preview of the contents of SM2099 #1 which was released at a later date. His 1st cover is SM2099 #1. It’s really that basic here.

      From there, buy and pay whatever the hell you want…What you do with your $ and reasons why is your business. If you don’t agree with the current FMV then don’t buy it.

      Let’s not over think this. It’s SM2099….not Hulk 180/181 (although the same reasoning applies).

  4. Hulk 180? Then Spider-Man 2099 1st appears in Marvel 1991 Annual Report #1 and Leopardon 1st appears in Amazing Spider-Man #9. Cameo freaks…

    1. Annual report can call 1st in print, but not a comic so not a 1st cameo or 1st full but a 1st in print. Like the HarleyQuinn golden book and Hulk #181 ads in other series that predate #180 and #181.

    2. I’ll have to check ASM 9. Was it on that big screen which had really tiny picks of the very Spidey character that ever was?

      That’s also Webslingers “first” as well…and it’s lame…Issue 12 at least Leopardon is part of the story.

      1. I looked through ASM #9 (V3) and did not see Leopardon. I did see a picture of Takuya Yamashiro (Japanese Spider-Man) Who has a cameo as a character on a background monitor screen.

        So standing by issue #12 as Leopardon’s first.

  5. Spiderman 2099 has two maybe three trueforsts pitsode pf amazing Spiderman #365.he has apperances in the marvel annual report 1992 as well as I belive marvel age #114 as well as a pin up inwebof Spiderman #90 .the book to chance in my opion is the #1 white variant just keep it in the figure packaging .previews,cbg,over street market place,amazing heroes foom are true firsts it all depends on what you like to collect,invest and flip thor #229 is considered the true first of incredible hulk #181 wolverine and it is an ad there is a golden age action comics with the ad of detective comics #27 just always buy what you enjoy loving batman beyond and spawn #1 is just a given at this point love you all blind adam out

      1. I have collected some. Like the Crow ad in Rust. I had purchased those books years ago because I read them. Same with the Dead World one. Also a book I collected. So some first appearance in ad has been dumb luck for me.

    1. Ha. I worked at KB Toys when those figures were on the shelves and grabbed them. Cleared out KB years ago when they went out of business because the figures were of value as well. Sold the hell out of them. Still have one white Variant at home though.

        1. The toy for sure, the print run on the actually first print. Is over a million. The toy is probably over 100k but when all’s said and done you can find the toy with the comic for $40 usually.Not saying it’s going to be a mint book in it so I could see a 9.8 being a book some people would want. The year Spider-man 2019 #1 came out is the highest amount of comic books every printed in a year combined with Death of Superman, Wildcats, Venom Lethal Protector, And Spawn #1 all coming out. So any important first appearance from 1992 has a million copies most likely.

            1. And also keep in mind the white one is a second print years after the original so you can’t call it first appearance or cover unless you’re selling on eBay.

          1. Newsstand copies we’re shoved into spinner racks…and they foil cover is very unforgiving to bends from focuses pressure points…

  6. I love that runoff figures.still sell well for what issue of rust is there an ad for the crow?i also belive there is a t.v. guide with thespiderman ofjapan where is topher s when you need him?going back to Disney plus&21 jump street episodes on you tube blind adam out

    1. 21 Jump Street nice I’m doing all the Unsolved Mysteries, and IN Search Of the original one with Leonard Nimoy from the late 70s it’s funny all the new ones on History channel are just retelling of old episodes pretty much the same stuff.

  7. I see the figures w/ comic sell for prices that aren’t much higher than the loose comics from the package. I got outbid on a Spider-Man 2099 w/ Comic not too long ago, but it sold for significantly less than the variant comic itself. Avengers 196 (taskmaster figure), ASM 129 (punisher figure) are examples. Some don’t sell at all Daredevil 176 – 1st Stick (elektra figure), Daredevil 132 – 2nd Bullseye (Bullseye figure). I’m only basing on ebay sales because I don’t have a physical store. I buy these for less than $10 at local resell shops. I’m tempted to just open them and list the comics. I know some 1st prints are still affordable, but I like the comic/figure combos.

  8. I’m so lost. There was a Spiderverse 2 full trailer? When did they announce Thunderbolts in MCU?

    Why the hell is Mr. Negative of all people heating up?

  9. you can keep the comic and figure packaged and grade it that way.a.f. it.there is a toybiz young avengers box set with young avengers #1.blind adam out

  10. If I ever do a comic the entire book will be nothing but one panel cameos draped in half darkness for “drama” with each character screaming who they are. Not all will be heroes or villains, some might be a bus driver or homeless guy on the street or the mailman doing his job or maybe a bird sitting in a tree but all cameos nonetheless!

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