ELIZABETH (Van Helsing??) – New Character Confirmed (Sort of) in Morbius #1

Did you all pick up Morbius #1? Anyone notice the new gal at the end (for those that actually read the books)? I recalled seeing this mentioned in some of the other spec sites and then stumbled upon the confirmation of this new character as it was unknown if she was entirely new or a regurgitated character.

According to the artist on the title, who happens to be selling the original artwork for issue #1 at comiconart.com, news broke yesterday that this new gal was named Elizabeth Van Helsing and she was a brand new character, a potential ongoing future character that plays a major role in the Marvel Universe going forward according to the artist.

The above picture was taken before the change (courtesy of killerspec.com where I read the news first).

Now if you hit up the site where the original art is being sold, it went from that as the description to just ELIZABETH! without the Van Helsing.

I also noticed the price dropped from $1200 to $900.

Now we ponder the name change? They dropped the Van Helsing, perhaps since there was another Elizabeth Van Helsing that was married to Abraham Van Helsing? You know, two people could have the same name but perhaps they didn’t want to reveal too many details yet until the next issue? Maybe they’re gonna give her a new last name?

We should keep a close eye and it might not be a bad idea to grab an extra copy of this if the artist is right, if this new gal takes a bigger role in the Marvel Universe. It’s more a cameo role in the first issue so perhaps Morbius #2 might be the issue that ends up being the winner if she does take off tomorrow, a month from now, a year or decade!!

TFAW still has the regular cover available, the connecting variant and the Greg Land ratio’d variant.

Morbius #1 (Connecting Variant)Connecting Variant

Morbius #1 (Land Variant)Greg Land Variant

19 thoughts on “ELIZABETH (Van Helsing??) – New Character Confirmed (Sort of) in Morbius #1”

  1. 6 panels with dialogue and a full panel appearance is not a Cameo.. why do we keep doing this?
    from what I read this is a 1st appearance, albeit not named. this is why they do 1:25 and 1:50 variants for what may be key books later down the road. IMO

    1. marvel does not care about keys “down the road.” They want their money now. The ratios are to incentivize shops to just buy more from them than hey normally would, being it’s a number 1 issue they figure odds are many will bite.

      1. The ratio variants always come with new #1’s as well… With a supposed movie in the works…. Its a no brainer by Marvel… Id be concerned if they didnt have ratio variants for this title.

    2. No name, it’s still a first. Cameo appearances are still first appearances. Cameo is to describe the type of appearance… Yes, 6 panes but only the last gives us a clear look…. And its still rather brief appearance which is a candidate as a cameo…

  2. I picked up a couple Bizarre Adventures #1 with the first appearance of the latest female Van Helsing….think the name was Eveline though.

      1. And if there not the same character I don’t get why marvel would have two new Van Helsing characters that have similar hair color and both use a gun and a sword. The only Van Helsing that matters is the one from Zenoscope that has 4 season as a show already.

        1. “And if there not the same character I don’t get why marvel would have two new Van Helsing characters that have similar hair color and both use a gun and a sword.”

          Because in the imaginary world of comic book heroes, you ask an artist to create a mercenary type figure chasing a vampire to kill it, I’m pretty sure 9 out of 10 artists will draw pretty much the same character. If you asked me to draw a vampire hunter, first thing that comes to mind is someone like Blade, has guns, uses swords.. it’s pretty much a de facto standard I think..

          That’s the question though about the name, the artist seemed to retract the Van Helsing name, at least for now. Maybe didn’t realize the implications of spilling the full name before it’s known in the comics or he got the name wrong.

          This is why I brought it up as the artist still seems to claim this is her first appearance, so grab a copy you first appearance junkies! 😉

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