Donny Cates Hints at Run on Spider-Man

Donny Cates is no stranger to self-promotion. He likes to take to Twitter and talk about his up-coming projects. He just lobbed a big clue at what one of his next writing gigs may be.

Cates’ tweeted last night he and Ryan Stegman were hanging out in New York City to discuss their next new secret project at Marvel. The tweet included a picture of the writer and artist standing in front of a picture of Spider-Man. Cates was also making the web-slinging hand sign.

So the next big secret project is most likely Spider-Man related. Cates has been quoted as saying Amazing Spider-Man was his dream writing job and that he wouldn’t leave Marvel until he tackles the title.

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  1. Spencer has been miles ahead of Slott, but I just can’t do the twice a month, it’s too much. It’s the same reason why I couldn’t get into Immortal Hulk. Why can’t they get that doing this literally turns off even hardcore readers? Once a month is easy to collect and keep up with. Hopefully it goes back soon if Cates takes it.

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