GI Joe #269 Virgin Variant Set Giveaway

Yo Joe! Joe fans will want to heck out this killer set we are going away. This set courtesy of East Side Comics.

Absolutely Awesome VIRGIN Variant Covers by JOHN GIANG of SNAKE-EYES and STORM SHADOW spotlighting some incredibly realistic and gritty new designs (His First G.I. JOE Covers)! Both covers have Very Small print runs of 1000 and 500 copies! Rumors are an Evil Snake-Eyes character may surface out of this current storyline. One winner gets both covers.  These covers are on pre-order at East Side Comics.

These books will be drawn around January 08, 2020 and will ship after the release date of 1/8/20.


  1. Go to The Forum to enter.
  2. Enter your name on the forum, not on here.
  3. One entry per person
  4. Winner drawn at random and will be contacted through the forum
  5. Winner will hav 48 hours to claim when contact is made.

Thats it… Good Luck.

10 thoughts on “GI Joe #269 Virgin Variant Set Giveaway”

  1. I was totally taken aback by how his series climbed to issue 269 (granted I’m not a follower, but loved the cartoon as a child). So I did some research…

    G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero is a continuation of the Marvel Comics series of the same name published from 1982 to 1994.

    It continued the numbering from the original Marvel series, starting with issue #155 ½, published on Free Comic Book Day in May 2010, followed by #156 and onward in July 2010.

    It is written by Larry Hama, who wrote the original Marvel series, and ignores the events of the earlier Devil’s Due continuation.

    And now you know. (And knowing is half the battle).

  2. Hey Anthony
    I want to enter but I’m having trouble logging in to the forum.
    Reset my password but still can’t login.
    These covers are sweet and I’d like a shot.

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