Final Order Cut-Off Highlights for 12/2/19

Final Order Cut-Off is the last day that shops can guarantee their orders for comics. After Final Order Cut-Off, or FOC, these books will only be available to retailers on Advance Reorder. And that is not guaranteed. So here are the highlights for Monday, 12/2/19’s FOC list.

Marvel has no comics up for FOC this week. Small week overall.


BATMAN BEYOND #39 VARIANT – Another great Batwoman Beyond cover. Could be an identity reveal this issue.

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #18 VARIANT – Great looking B cover by Clayton Crain.

RED MOTHER #1 2ND PTG – Awesome cover on this second print. Boom pushed this one through rather quickly, may be in short supply.

TMNT ONGOING #101 – New jumping on point for readers and taking the book in a different direction. If you can find the 1:10 variant cheap grab one.

KILLADELPHIA #2 CVR B MAHFOOD – Issue #1 was a great read. The second issue has a B cover by indy artist Jim Mahfod.

RISING SUN #1 – New IDW series. Chiyoko of the Koi Clan leads a group of powerful warriors- the best each clan has to offer- on a mission to save Japan from dragons and monsters. But perhaps the greatest threat she faces is not the many monsters who are ravaging the country- but her own team. Look for the 1:10 variant.

SPAWN #304 – New villain. ‘HELL HUNT-‘ Part Three As Reaper and She-Spawn fight for their lives against the Hellhounds- Spawn is forced into the public spotlight in order to stop a strange new villain that’s rampaging through New York City. Can Al Simmons continue to convince the world he’s a ‘normal’ hero- or will his dark side come to light?

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