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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 265th edition of the open forum!

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

32 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

    1. BOLO for Mag. Ms. Marvel #5 if you’re spec’img on this storm ranger character. That’s the book to own. First cover (homage of secret wars 8) of the nano-symbiote suit too.

      1. Yeah, I say grab a copy of #5 and #10 and sell’em as a set. Not sure how the market will react since one is just a suit and it’s AI computer system but now in #10 it’s full on physical form.

        1. 1st print is an homage to secret wars 8, and he “costume” is on the cover…that’s the winner in my mind for those reasons.

          Wait for the 2nd print of issue #10 with the storm ranger on the cover (I’m presuming it’s only a matter of time as 10 sold out)..might be worth a look.

          Grabbed a minty copy of issue 10 today.

  1. I bought a gift card for cyber Monday for half off at Mutant beaver comics… then I bought some of their buy one get one slabs and other half off books.

    So that’s how I got $300 worth of books for $75!

    So my pickups tomorrow will be limited!

    1. Nice.

      One of my local shops, the owner passed away. He literally had hundreds of thousands of comics. It was going to be his retirement fund. He sadly never got to cash in on most of the books. I have been buying recent releases (a week old or older) and back issues for 50 cents each. Sadly my entire collection is on the back of a moving truck and I cannot access anything other than the books I have been buying. But have picked up some sweet issues for .50 including Jack Kirby work and the second appearance of Hawkman.

      1. Like all collection of things there comes a point when it’s too big to enjoy.

        I started selling a bunch of mine and it has helped me focus on what I really want to own.

        I’d much rather have a few sentimental books and a few major keys than have stuff like a full run of 90’s X-Men that I could read on marvel unlimited anytime I want anyway.

        1. A lot of what I bought is for my sale stock. Got 8 copies of the Maxx #1 and 4 copies of Darker Image #1. Paid $6. Sold a set already for $15. $9 profit on that set.

        2. I split my collection in half: books I want to own and stuff I don’t mind letting go. I sell the stuff I don’t mind letting go at a local swap. I’m at the point where I need to reevaluate what I’m keeping and plan to cut that in half again. The last swap didn’t cover the cost of the table.

          There are some full or close to full runs I’m keeping and those that I didn’t mind letting go. I had a full run of Cerebus from issue 24 up. I was able to pick up a full set of the trades for $20 so I let that set of issues go. The only thing I miss are the letters pages in those books. I just finished my full set of Poison Elves even though I have them electronically to read on my iPad. Other runs I don’t plan on letting go: Sandman, Liberty Meadows, Moore Swamp Thing, Strangers in Paradise, the Tick. I do have a full run of Saga that I will probably let go when the time is right.

          I’ve got at 4 short boxes of books next to my bed that I want to read, so I’ve had to cut way back on what I’m buying until I can get through them.

          1. I hear ya…I’ve got 2 short boxes and s few piles near my bed as well…I have immortal hulk 1 and up, but have only read civil war 2 issue where he’s killed and avengers 682 and 684.

            And here are many other recent runs of good stories that lie in wait in those boxes and piles…

  2. sspiderman venom double trouble #2 peech variant ,inmortal hulk #25 2nd print batman #84 and I found copies of archie #1 cambell for $5 spawn #303 and I am about to buy a batman strikes #45 for $9 love you all blind adam out

  3. Found the Turtles/Rangers #1 thank you variant for cover…already sold for $35 (plus shipping).

    Also Mag Ms Marvel 10.

    I haven’t hit my pull list lcs, but that just has my reads like Batman, batman Beyond, venom and hulk.

    1. Nice. I didn’t buy anything today. Sold my house. Now fingers crossed that the home we are buying goes through or will be building a house out of comic boxes.

          1. What do they say…the only life change more stressful than moving is divorce?

            Hope it’s all goes smooth from here on out…when are you,closing?

              1. Well, first I was referring to the process of getting divorced.

                And #2, if there are kids involve, I’m not sure how liberating it is after the paperwork is signed as they become the string that keeps the two of you tied together. Some work it out and remain amicable….some don’t.

                Fortunately i don’t speak from experience and hopefully never will…

  4. Pick ups for the week:
    Magnificent Ms. Marvel #10 (5 copies)
    Power Rangers/TMNT Thank You Variant (for cover price and sold it for $45)
    Kill Whitey (Cover B)
    Die #10 (Cover A)

    Other finds this week:
    Coyote #12, #13, and #14 (early Todd McFarlane artwork) for $1 each
    Mystic #15 (Crossgen-supposed Harry Potter unauthorized appearance for $3 each)

    Good hunting everyone!

  5. What happens if you win more than one 12 Days of giveaway? Do you get all you were selected for, or can you choose the one you want the most lol?

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