The CHU 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway – Winners

Those 12 days flew by but all good things must come to an end right?

Announcing the winners in order from Day 1 to Day 12…. Click the links to goto the day if you don’t recall the prize.

Day 1 Winner is Dynamike

Day 2 Winner is Wells Floyd

Day 3 Winner is Ken M.

Day 4 Winner is D-Rog

Day 5 Winner is Johnny V.

Day 6 Winner is PFRANKS

Day 7 Winner is marmi92

Day 8 Winner is JMarsh4087

Day 9 Winner is Jack Borges

Day 10 Winner is TheCrackpot

Day 11 Winner is Bhav

Day 12 Winner is Jim Church Sr


Congratulations to all who won!

I’ll try and get emails out to the winners to notify. Everyone will need to contact me with shipping details. I’ll try and get these all shipped out as soon as I can. Any unclaimed prizes (everyone will have 48 hours after I send my emails) will go to the next random entrant. So make sure you reply to the email or holler here in the comments (don’t put your personal info, you can just comment that you’re claiming the prize if you happen to not get the email or don’t know mine agentpoyo at gmail dot com).

Ya’ll know the rules, international, you chip in for shipping. If you decide against it, we’ll pick another winner randomly.

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    1. Yeah you did..

      I promise I’ll get emails out by tomorrow. But any of you all are free to go ahead and email me your address info if you are a winner. agentpoyo [at] gmail is the right email.. πŸ™‚

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