Extra Extra.. Win A Copy Of Paper Girls #1


I really like the flash giveaways. They make giving away comics fun.

Did you miss the boat on Paper Girls? Don’t want to spend $10 or more to obtain a copy of #1 that they are now selling for?

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Sunday Funday Eric Powell Signed Comics Giveaway – Winners

So the comments seemed to have stopped coming in for the giveaway, so that’s a good sign we should pick some winners for the Eric Powell signed books from MondoCon 2017.
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Sunday Funday Signed Comics Giveaway – Eric Powell Signed Comics

You know what’s better than attending cons? Giving away signed books from such cons (It’s the inner Santa Claus in me, I love giving stuff away). I was so excited when I learned that Eric Powell was going to be at Mondo Con this year so I loaded up a bunch of books for him to sign. Now you all, the readers get a chance at some of these by doing one thing, commenting with your name.
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Free Comic Wednesday’s: Go Joe 215 Snake Eyes Action Figure Variant giveaway 

This one is closed. You cannot enter this drawing. Please check out our other giveaways.

Kicking off Free Comic Wednesday’s in July. up for grabs, GI Joe 215 Action Figure variant.

This one sponsored by our friends at The Hall of Comics (Thanks for the book).
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ComicXposure Spider-Gwen #4 giveaway winner. 

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Spider-Gwen #4 ComicXposure giveaway

I was supposed to put this up on Wednesday. Too much going on. Since we have spoken so much about ComicXposure and their variants, it is time to give one away.
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ComicXposure Secret Wars Winner

Thanks again to ComicXposure for sponsoring this great give away. We have two more coming up over the next two Wednesdays, so keep your eyes peeled! We also will have a new contest sponsor soon as well. I think you guys will go nuts over that one. Continue reading “ComicXposure Secret Wars Winner”

The Paladin #1 Signed Comic giveaway winner

Sorry for the delay in picking a winner, I have been shipping a lot of Enormous variant sets and print sets. It is time to announce the winner of the signed comic. IMG_0330 Continue reading “The Paladin #1 Signed Comic giveaway winner”

Comic Xposure Zombie Tramp Variant winner

Thanks to everyone who entered. Also, big thanks to www.comicxposure.com for providing so many awesome variants to give away. Make sure to check out their Enormous NYCC variant (still a few left) their Amazing Spiderman #9 color and black and white variant, and their upcoming Star Wars #1 Variant. Continue reading “Comic Xposure Zombie Tramp Variant winner”