New Mutants Trailer Drops Online

A new New Mutants trailer dropped online today and had a very “horror” feel to it. The trailer drops months after it appeared the movie was dead.

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7 thoughts on “New Mutants Trailer Drops Online”

  1. Ilyana gets her armor and her sword? i’m all in! besides it looked pretty cool i was kind of doubting the horror aspect when they announced it but i’m glad i was wrong.

    1. Damn, love the Illyana scenes at the end! I’m officially stoked. Anybody else notice that the nurse lady who does the voice over is the same chick who rescued X23 from her prison in the Logan movie?

        1. I may be wrong on that. The voice, to me, sounded identical to the Logan nurse. Upon a brief research on casts for both films, I think that is two different actress’. Logan’s being Elizabeth Rodriguez and the New Mutants being Alice Braga. Silly me and my weed. 🙃

  2. itit looks #awesomesauce.loved the magic sceens.hoping she can cameo in Deadpool 3 with her big brother coulous #testify blind adam out

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