CovrPrice Year In Review for 2019

As you know, CovrPrice is all about tracking actual sales for graded and raw comics. They work hard to accurately gather sales across 4 major marketplaces to give you the best value estimates for your comics, updated daily.

In 2019 alone they tracked the value of just over 4 million comic sales collectively representing over $220 million dollars of comics that have sold! As you can imagine, tracking this many sales (in just one year) allows us to provide our members with a rare end of year perspective. While some of these trends were obvious, many surprised us.

Below you’ll see two categories, each broken into the following three lists:

Comics That Sold The Most Units in 2019:

All (graded & raw)

Comics That Had the Highest Sales Volume in 2019:

All (graded & raw)



1: Spawn #1 (Image, 1992)

Total Units Sold: 1,487 | Value of Total Sales: $53,789

We knew Spawn would be on this list. Taking the top spot of “Most Comic Sold of 2019” is not a total surprise. While the $25 market value isn’t going to take you into early retirement, it is pretty amazing for one of the highest printed comics of all time.


2: Ultimate Fallout #4 (Marvel, 2011)

Total Units Sold: 1,473 | Value of Total Sales: $204,598

Miles’ first appearance REALLY gave Spawn a run for the money. Actually, he actually DOES take the money with this book averaging around $90 raw. If there’s a modern book that everyone should own and hold, it’s Ultimate Fallout #4. With SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE taking home multiple awards, including the Oscar for Best Animated Film, Miles Morales became a household name and a new hero for kids to relate to.

3: The Savage She-Hulk #1 (Marvel, 1980)

Total Units Sold: 1,422 | Value of Total Sales: $201,664

She-Hulk was a surprise for us. Granted, she did hit our top ten multiple times since her Disney+ announcement back in July. However, she REALLY racked up a huge amount of sales in a short time compared to Spawn and Miles. We’re big She-Hulk fans and can’t wait to see her new series.


4: The Eternals #1 (Marvel, 1976)

Total Units Sold: 1,388 | Value of Total Sales: $255,613

Like She-Hulk, The Eternals was announced and filmed this year, leading to total market confidence in buying this issue. Hence, here is it is at #4. This new MCU film is going to set the table for Phase 4. We’re excited to see where it goes.


5: The Walking Dead #193 (Image, 2019)

Total Units Sold: 1,347 | Value of Total Sales: $34,674

The Walking Dead series end was sudden and a huge surprise. This sent all fans (dormant and steady) rushing to their LCS for a copy, and they were in short supply.



6: Ms. Marvel #1 (Marvel, 1977)

Total Units Sold: 1,158 | Value of Total Sales: $187,439

2019 taught us that Tony Stark/ Iron Man is out and Carol Danvers/ Ms. Marvel is in. She’s leading the leftover Avengers into Phase 4 and collectors heavily bought into her first appearance this year.


7: Moon Knight #1 (Marvel, 1980)

Total Units Sold: 1,154 | Value of Total Sales: $53,722

Disney+ & Marvel’s Cinematic Universe had a VERY heavy hand in market trends this year. Looking at this list, new news really unleashes market heat like no other. Moon Knight has been a fan favorite for decades. His first appearance was already a pricey book. However, fans flooded to this more obtainable issue and pushed it to his best year yet.


8: Nova #1 (Marvel, 1976)

Total Units Sold: 1,134 | Value of Total Sales: $214,693

Nova rumors pop up every couple of months. In 2019, we had Kevin Feige comment that he intends to bring Nova to the MCU at some point. Then the Russo Brothers teased that Richard Rider as Nova actually appeared in AVENGERS: ENDGAME… and then confirmed that they were joking. Regardless, values went bonkers.


9: Rai #0 Matte Variant (Acclaim/Valiant, 1992)

Total Units Sold: 1,132 | Value of Total Sales: $73,122

BLOODSHOT is a film that many Valiant fans never really expected to finally happen. With Vin Diesel taking fans through the film’s production, excitement and expectations grew. This matte version of his first appearance became the go-to book to have. The film’s release is soon upon us. The initial and final reviews of the film will tell where this book’s value goes.


10:  The Amazing Spider-Man #361  (Marvel, 1992)

Total Units Sold: 1,113 | Value of Total Sales: $161,412

Venom was a huge surprise hit last year. It was a weird movie that worked… miraculously. The final scene sets up Cletus Cassiday/ Carnage as the big bad for Venom 2. We literally cannot wait to see Carnage on the big screen. When we finally see Carnage in a trailer, expect a new surge in price.



It was a BIG year for the Hulk. Between Professor Hulk showing up in AVENGERS: ENDGAME and the massively successful Immortal Hulk, he takes the bonus Runner-Up spots:


11: Avengers #684 (Marvel, 2018)

Total Units Sold: 1,070 | Value of Total Sales: $55,142

The first appearance of Immortal Hulk is here. With a great cover to boot. Sales have slowed and values have dropped, but this could be a long-term favorite.


12:  The Incredible Hulk #377 (Marvel, 1991)

Total Units Sold: 1,014 | Value of Total Sales: $28,054

This book was incredibly common (and popular) in the early ’90s. To see a smart Hulk on the big screen was amazing to see. We’re glad that this fantastic Peter David issue got to see market heat. As great as Monster Hulk and Immortal Hulk are, Professor Hulk was always OUR favorite Hulk.





Obviously, when you look at the above list of “Most Comics Sold”… it’s a no brainer that the most GRADED comics sold (the list below) is pretty much the same titles. However, Omega Men #3 was a surprise. Lobo’s first appearance is another fan favorite that has had content rumors (and a bad CW look) that pushed fans to get on top of high-grade copies of this ASAP.  Also, the “Total Sales Values” below reflect the summed value for graded comics only.


1: Ultimate Fallout #4 (Marvel, 2011)

Total Graded Units Sold: 697 | Value of Total Sales: $137,826


2:  The Savage She-Hulk #1

Total Graded Units Sold: 628 | Value of Total Sales: $150,852


3: The Eternals #1 (Marvel, 1976)

Total Graded Units Sold: 543 | Value of Total Sales: $182,603


4: The Incredible Hulk #181 (Marvel, 1974)

Total Graded Units Sold: 522 | Value of Total Sales: $1,982,067


5: The Amazing Spider-Man #361 (Marvel, 1992)

Total Graded Units Sold: 498 | Value of Total Sales: $108,431 


6:  Rai #0 Matte Variant (Acclaim/Valiant, 1992)

Total Graded Units Sold: 460 | Value of Total Sales: $54,445


7: Ms. Marvel #1 (Marvel, 1977)

Total Graded Units Sold: 456 | Value of Total Sales: $133,908


8: Nova #1  (Marvel, 1976)

Total Graded Units Sold: 455 | Value of Total Sales: $157,847


9: Spawn #1 (Image, 1992)

Total Graded Units Sold: 389 | Value of Total Sales: $33,567


10: The Omega Men #3  (Marvel, 1983)

Total Graded Units Sold: 372 | Value of Total Sales: $48,329



1: Harley Quinn #57 Tedesco Variant (DC, 2019)

Total Units Sold: 716 | Value of Total Sales: $18,997

This was a TOTAL surprise. After a great multiple variant issue run from Frank Cho, this variant from Julian Tedesco was a breath of fresh air. Stores were under ordering the DC “B” variant at this time, leaving demand to exceed supply. We didn’t realize that this is a still a steady $20 seller.


2: Batman: Damned #1 Lee Variant (DC, 2018)

Total Units Sold: 541 | Value of Total Sales: $55,428

BATMAN: DAMNED came out in 2018, yet this title stayed on our Top 10 well until February 2019. Sales were non-stop week after week. It was no surprise to see this hit our top variant list for 2019.

3: Spawn #293 B&W Error Misprint (Image, 2019)

Total Units Sold: 519 | Value of Total Sales: $11,454

Add “Misprint” or “Error” to a Spawn book and BOOM… permanent market heat. This was supposed to be an “all B&W” book, yet it had a few color interiors.


4: The Incredible Hulk #181 2019 Facsimile (Marvel, 2019)

Total Units Sold: 500 | Value of Total Sales: $3,107

Well, if you can’t afford a #181 or a #180, then buying the facsimile is the way to go.


5: Captain Marvel #8 Inhyuk Lee Carnage-ized (Marvel, 2019)

Total Units Sold: 486 | Value of Total Sales: $9,027

This issue is the first appearance of “Star” and this was the most accessible variant out of the 8 total covers.

6: DCeased #1 Putri Horror Variant (DC, 2019)

Total Units Sold: 480 | Value of Total Sales: $2,442

DCeased was a fun new series in 2019 that held a lot of interest and high expectations. This first issue variant never hit our Top 10, but sure did sell consistently.


7: Naomi #1 Lupacchino Variant (Marvel, 2019)

Total Units Sold: 461 | Value of Total Sales: $14,680

Naomi OWNED early 2019. This variant hit our Top 10 multiple weeks and showed no signs of slowing… until it did. By June, this issue hit a wall as her origin/ powers reveal was a fan disappointment and sales plummeted. Yet, it did SO well early on that it landed on this list.


8: DCeased #1 Mattina Variant (DC, 2019)

Total Units Sold: 445 | Value of Total Sales: $2,388

DC, you had us at “Zombie Batman”. Mattina was just the cherry on top for this awesome cover.


9: Spider-Man #1 Direct Silver Variant (Marvel, 1990)

Total Units Sold: 434 | Value of Total Sales: $11,946

Like Spawn and Ultimate Fallout, Spider-Man #1 (1990) is another one of our site’s constant sellers. This issue has 8 covers and is a classic cover that has been trending upwards all year.


10: Harley Quinn #58 Chew Variant (DC, 2019)

Total Units Sold: 342 | Value of Total Sales: $3,547

Right after Tedesco came this fantastic Derrick Chew cover. Even with the heat of #57, this cover came as another surprise. It seemed like everyone was talking about it when it came out. Prices have settled for just a tad over cover price at $6. However, it was a cover with so much heat in 2019.



Now let’s take a look at the comics that had the largest sales volume. For these lists, we’ve taken all the sales that CovrPrice captured in 2019 for each comic and summed them up. This gives you an estimate of how much money was actually spent on each comic last year. We’re also including the “total units sold” so you can also get a sense of market movement.



These are no brainers. There was a LOT of money getting passed around for these mega-keys. Hulk 181 was the most “paid for” comic in 2019.


1: The Incredible Hulk #181 (Marvel, 1974)

Value of Total Sales: $2,492,631 | Total Units Sold: 804


2: Amazing Fantasy #15 (Marvel, 1962)

Value of Total Sales: $1,938,200 | Total Units Sold: 92 


3: Captain America Comics #1 (Marvel, 1940)

Value of Total Sales: $1,527,000 | Total Units Sold: 5


4: The Incredible Hulk #1 (Marvel, 1962)

Value of Total Sales: $1,407,469 | Total Units Sold: 67


5: Fantastic Four #1 (Marvel, 1961)

Value of Total Sales: $1,131,764 | Total Units Sold: 86


6: Giant-Size X-Men #1  (Marvel, 1975)

Value of Total Sales: $1,084,179 | Total Units Sold: 626


7: Superman #1 (DC, 1939)

Value of Total Sales: $1,067,598 | Total Units Sold: 8


8: The X-Men #1  (Marvel, 1963)

Value of Total Sales: $912,064 | Total Units Sold: 159



9: Journey Into Mystery #83 (Marvel, 1962)

Value of Total Sales: $843,693 | Total Units Sold: 78


10: Fantastic Four #48  (Marvel, 1966)

Value of Total Sales: $775,357 | Total Units Sold: 538



This graded list is an echo of the previous list. It’s interesting to see how much money was spent on raw copies vs. graded copies. Books like Superman #1 sells almost ONLY graded, where Hulk 181 still moves plenty of raw copies (get those raw copies graded folks!).


1: The Incredible Hulk #181 (Marvel, 1974)

Value of Total Sales: $1,982,067 | Total Units Sold: 522


2: Amazing Fantasy #15 (Marvel, 1962)

Value of Total Sales: $1,762,739 | Total Units Sold: 75


3: Captain America Comics #1 (Marvel, 1940)

Value of Total Sales: $1,527,000 | Total Units Sold: 5


4:  The Incredible Hulk #1 (Marvel, 1962)

Value of Total Sales: $1,339,737 | Total Units Sold: 58


5: Fantastic Four #1 (Marvel, 1961)

Value of Total Sales: $1,068,214 | Total Units Sold: 70


6: Superman #1 (DC, 1939)

Value of Total Sales: $1,064,988 | Total Units Sold: 5


7:  The X-Men #1 (Marvel, 1963)

Value of Total Sales: $825,958 | Total Units Sold: 129 


8: Giant-Size X-Men #1 (Marvel, 1975)

Value of Total Sales: $814,139 | Total Units Sold: 358


9: Journey Into Mystery #83 (Marvel, 1962)

Value of Total Sales: $801,969 | Total Units Sold: 64


10: Fantastic Four #48 (Marvel, 1966)

Value of Total Sales: $597,848 | Total Units Sold: 317



Here’s where things get a little interesting. Rare and expensive variants simply don’t have the numbers to rank in the “most sold variant” list. However, this highest sales list helps showcase the variants that collectors are investing in.


1: Ultimate Fallout #4 Marko Djurdjevic Variant (Marvel, 2011)

Value of Total Sales: $90,044 | Total Units Sold: 98


2: Turtlemania Special Gold Edition Variant #1 (Metropolis Publishing, 1986)

Value of Total Sales: $86,200 | Total Units Sold:

Two copies were sold to hit this number. Two. These ultra-rare pieces of early TMNT history are pretty awesome and incredibly hard to find. It’s the detailed original sketches from Kevin Eastman that really make these sought after.


3: Edge of Spider-Verse #2 Land Variant (Marvel, 2014)

Value of Total Sales: $85,829 | Total Units Sold: 59

This was another surprise for us. Like Miles, after SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, Spider-Gwen also became a household name. If you say Spider-Girl or Spider-Woman to any non-comic collector, they’ll probably mention Gwen. That’s pretty powerful. Heck, we saw her on a Campbell’s soup can next to Ana & Elsa from Frozen. This Greg Land variant is already one of the most valuable modern variants. Yet, we’re still not even close to Spider-Gwen’s (or Ghost Spider… or Spider-Woman) height.


4: Marvel Comics #1000 D23 Expo 2019 (Marvel, 2019)

Value of Total Sales: $62,253 | Total Units Sold: 286

One thing learned in 2019 is to show up to Marvel’s convention panels! Some of the rarest books of the years came from them. A D23 ticket was $89 and this sells raw for $277. It even hit a height of $877.77 for a CGC 9.8. Not too bad of a return for a few hours waiting in line and having a front seat to the hottest Marvel content of the year. Now, how much would that ultra-rare sketch variant sell for?


5: Batman: Damned #1 Lee Variant  (DC, 2018)

Value of Total Sales: $55,428 | Total Units Sold: 541

This was a steady $70 raw that sold A LOT of copies. This is the only book on the list that had such a high sales count.


6: Captain Marvel #17 2nd Print (Marvel, 2013)

Value of Total Sales: $52,307 | Total Units Sold: 55

This book has seen many hills and valleys in value since it first came out in 2013. Even back then, this book was scorching hot. Her first appearance inside this book is somewhat weak. However, her full appearance on the cover made this her go-to key first. Kevin Feige has mentioned that we WILL see Kamala Kahn in the MCU. While the timing is unknown, this book is going to go nuts when we get a full announcement.


7: The Amazing Spider-Man #667 Gabriele Dell’Otto Variant (Marvel, 2011)

Value of Total Sales: $51,517 | Total Units Sold: 7

The king of modern variants has proven to be rare and highly valuable. More than most years previously, 7 copies sold in 2019. We always love watching this book when one comes to market.


8: Star Wars #1 35 Cent Price Variant (Marvel, 1977)

Value of Total Sales: $46,434 | Total Units Sold: 11

While Spidey 667 is the king of modern variants, this is the king of price variants. Most copies are around VF condition or less. High-grade copies are rarely seen. So, with that said… $46K for 11 copies in 2019 is pretty strong.


9: Batman #608 RRP Variant (DC, 2002)

Value of Total Sales: $46,029 | Total Units Sold: 16

If you don’t want this variant in your collection, then you haven’t stared at it long enough.  It’s hard to believe that this book is 18 years old. This is as steady as variants get.


10:  Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 Jee Hyung Lee Variant (Marvel, 2018)

Value of Total Sales: $42,532 | Total Units Sold: 71

This rare variant rose to high value VERY quickly… and stayed there. Permanently.


Well, there you have it, 2019 wrapped up with a nice little bow on top. Thank you for checking out our content and our site, We do our very best to bring you accurate value estimates for all your comics (based only on real sales data). As we continue to grow, expect to see more good stuff coming your way!


3 thoughts on “CovrPrice Year In Review for 2019”

  1. I’d like to see how the sales of Regular cover to Edge of the Spiderverse #2 (raw, graded and combined). That book has multiple sales each day on eBay. My guess is they can’t filter out all the multiple printings to get an accurate enough count.

    No one really chipped in to my forums thread ( but I feel the Tedesco variant for Harley 57 is the cover of the year for 2019. So good to see it recognized. The lack of 2019 books on this list supports my position!

    1. So to follow up on EotSV2, I compared slabbed sales (cgc/cbcs) for all of 2019 between vs The Omega Men #3.

      GoCollect reports 544 sales of Omega Men 3 (vs Covrprice’s 372) and 357 sales of EotSV2.

      So shockingly Lobo beats out Spider Gwen in 2019!!! So there you have it. Some independent verification of the results.

  2. Just for fun, here’s how many copies of each of that first top 10 list we sold in the shop in 2019. Not our online sales. Just face to face.

    Spawn 1 : 53 copies
    Ult Fallout 4: 5 copies
    She-Hulk 1: 14 copies
    Eternals 1: 2 copies
    Walking Dead 193: 98 copies*
    Ms Marvel 1: 13 copies
    Moon Knight 1: 9 copies
    Nova 1: 2 copies
    Rai 0: 5 copies
    Spidey 361: 17 copies

    *TWD193 is 70 copies originally at cover price and another 28 as back issues later

    All these books except Ult Fallout 4 we’ve had in stock every day all year. We were out of Miles a month at a time a couple times. Most of the books we had at least three copies to choose from all year. ASM 361 we’ve stayed around 10 deep. She Hulk and Ms Marvel about 5 deep most of the year. Haven’t been below 50 copies of Spawn 1 in a long time. Think we bought 70 last year. Already bought 7 in 2020.

    A lot of brick and mortar shops don’t deal in back issues any more. So it’s not like you can take my numbers and multiply by 2600 shops. But there’s still a decent volume changing hands in person over a countertop.

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