Marvel Potentially Casting for Hulkling

Word is leaking out that a casting call has gone out potentially for one of the Young Avengers key characters.

The casting call is for “Teddy” a teen to twenty year old for an upcoming unnamed Marvel project.

The spec is that the casting could be for Theodore “Teddy” Altman, the real name of Hulkling.

Hulkling first appears in the already rising Young Avengers #1.

This could be for WandaVision as Hulkling had a relationship with Wiccan one of Scarlet Witch’s twin sons who have been mentioned being in the show. Of course, since it is for an unnamed project, it could be for something new as well.

3 thoughts on “Marvel Potentially Casting for Hulkling”

  1. This could be wandavision as well. Their son (Wiccan) and the Hulkling were a couple. For speculation sake thier first kiss was in Young Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #9 I also wanna say thank you CHU for being FREE and ahead of the curve on alot of these specs. Other sites like stealing this sort of spec and then charge people money for it. **cough**Matt**cough**

  2. Oh lord, here goes Young Avengers # 1 again.

    I had two copies of the WWLA variant from when I went to the show, but sadly traded the duplicate away years ago. Still lucky to have one, I guess.

    Also, Children’s Crusade is a series I have never, ever seen in the back issue bins, even though it’s worth nothing. I think calling it ‘Avengers’ instead of ‘Young avengers vol. 2’ absolutely killed any potential sales dead. I still see people think they only had the one 12-issue series.

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