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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 272nd edition of the open forum!

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

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  1. Need some spoilers. My company plane stranded us in DC after a wiring issue. Plane literally would not turn over. Picture Han Solo in the falcon slamming his fist against the control panel to get it energized…that was kinda like what happened…instead it didn’t start.

    Now gotta fly commercial…waiting to board. Fun times.

  2. 🦗🦗🦗…sent my first submission to CGC today. 25 day turnaround, I’m hoping to have them back in early March. A few rarer moderns, and some higher grade (🤞) bronze keys. 9 books total. I’ve got a few more ‘batches’ ready to go once this batch is returned. Im looking forward to see how accurate my grading is. No prescreen on this batch as they are mostly PC. It’s gonna be like Christmas morning when they come home. 🙃

  3. Come on guys, pick up the pace here. Is there really nothing to talk about?

    What did everyone grab this week? Any Wednesday warriors?

    I picked up Batman White Knight (7?), and the A & B of Batman Beyond 40. Also web of Venom (regular cover).

    Going back to the shop in a moment, forgot to grab a comic that’s been selling for $50+ in recent months…hoping it’s still there for about cover. It was buried in some back issues. Will fill you in later on the flipping thread in the forums.

    1. I grab books Tuesday night. Don’t pick them up until Wednesday. I get to select copies coming out of the diamond box. I didn’t pick up my books last night because I got a new 75 inch tv and couldn’t wait to get home and play with it. It’s so damn big. I need a new tv stand because it is like an inch bigger than the stand itself. I have been playing a lot of ace combat 7 this past couple of weeks and want to pull the x-box down from the gamers room and try it on the big big screen. The graphics are so great I bet it feels like being in a real fighter jet. We watched a bunch of 4K roller coaster videos last night (me and my two sons) and it made you feel like you were on it. I am telling you, going from a 50 inch uhd tv to a 75 inch is a massive difference.

      1. My LCs lets me pick my books on Tuesdays too. It really pays to build a good relationship with an honest LCS shop keeper. My main LCS is about 35 minute drive for me, so I don’t make it every Tuesday. I’ll usually wait until Wednesday mornings, as I mostly work from home on Wednesdays (by design so I can go to the shops 🙃), so I can hit up a few shops on the way to my main LCS. But lately I’ve had business on Tuesday afternoons at a place that is literally around the corner from my main LCS. So, I’ve been taking the company van to my LCS on Tuesdays, before I go do my work chores. It’s f’n perfect.

  4. Very light week in terms of pick ups:
    Gung-Ho #2 (Cover A)-I really like the artwork on this series so far, will need to see how story progresses
    Batman Beyond (4 X cover A and 1 X cover B)

    Spec book pick ups:
    Morbius Living Vampire (1992) #30, #31, #32 (x2) total for $8.50
    Kylo Ren #2 1:25 variant for $25
    Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter #1, #2, #3 for $15 total-really like this series as each issue has a reprint in the back of #337-#339
    Uncanny X-Men #160 for $14

    Cool read of the week-was able to finally read Death of Captain Marvel GN by Starlin. Even after all these years that story still holds up strong. Makes me want to dig out his Dreadstar run which I loved when I was a kid.

    Good hunting everyone!

  5. Eric sorry to hear you picked up X-men 160. That book is irrelevant because Giant Size X-Men #1 is her first appearance as herself. This is not my opinion it is fact. Offload quick

    1. Doesn’t sound “irrelevant” by the description from wiki. See text between *** below. Sounds like the book is a pivotal part of he character’s evolution, and therefore has value.

      Illyana first appeared in Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975), though her first name was not given until The Uncanny X-Men #145 (May 1981). For the first eight years of the character’s existence, she was an infrequently appearing background character.

      ***The means of changing this was set in The Uncanny X-Men #160 (August 1982), in which she ages seven years while in a paranormal dimension called Limbo, becomes a sorceress, and develops the mutant ability to create “teleportation discs.” ***

      These changes were not immediately explored or explained, and for the next year she remained essentially a background character.

      In December 1983, the limited series Magik (Illyana and Storm) was launched, chronicling Illyana’s years in Limbo.

      1. Indeed, Drog. If you look at the facts, UX160 is the 1st appearance of an Adult Illyana with a mutant power set, as the story reads and as it is denoted on the CBCS grading label. Great book to own for collectors and fans of the character alike.

        She (Magik) is also destined, imo, to be a big part of the MCU moving forward, given her background and power set. And given that she is a badass, young, attractive, blond woman, selling her to the masses will be easy as pie. Sit on those UX160s, it will pay dividends for the keen eyed and knowledgeable.

        1. Why bother commenting, Rick, with such crass and negative remarks? You’re entitled to your opinion, as irrelevant as it may be, but let the guy enjoy his pick ups. You sound very sour and get off my lawn-y. It’s comments like yours that will be discouraging others from participating in this chat. Calm down.

  6. Star Wars Tales #23. Also Amazing Fantasy #7 (1st female scorpion). Actually found one in a dollar bin.

    Also was looking for Annihilation Conquest: Wraith #2 and Avengers #133…no luck there.

      1. I had already bought and flipped issue #1. Issues 3 & 4 were there, but someone snagged #2 already…I may know another place that has it as I also grabbed a #1 from there as well (and flipped it!). That was probably a year ago.

    1. Awesome find on the Star Wars Tales #23.

      Some of those Dark Horse Star Wars books are really starting to got hot and go for money if you can find them cheap.

      Just picked up Star Wars Tales #9 (Darth Vader/Darth Maul) for $3.

  7. So I was checking out this book on eBay, Thor 337 to be exact….looked like a really clean raw copy…bids are up to $45….but it didn’t provide much of a description other than a pic I’d the front cover and “see photos for grade”.

    So I asked for a shot of the back. And he obliged.

    Turns out there’s a HUGE tear across the middle of the book…and tape….totally not worth $45…not even close!

    Just goes to show you how important it is to ask for more photos if they don’t provide enough details that you can guess the grade.

    Lot of suckers bidding on that book right now…

  8. X-men 160 has little value over other books involving her. She is present in approximately 6 panels in the entire book and shows zero magical ability whatsoever.

    For those on the fence, read it yourself and ask yourself what really happens with her in this book. If you have a keen eye you notice that the only thing that occurs is a child(holding a teddy bear) gets dragged through a portal. The end.

  9. One day Johnny was looking for comics related to Magik. Instead of investigating himself, he decided to take the easy route and see what the anonymous internet people say. Johnny noticed some people claiming that X-men 160 was somehow a must have. Some even claimed it was her first appearance.

    Johnny, without verifying for himself, decided to believe the mob. Johnny purchased several copies thinking he had netted some key comics. Johnny sat down anxiously to read his new gold mine of a book. Johnny quickly read the book and noted illyana still appeared to be an adolescent given that she clutched a teddy bear the entire comic.

    Next Johnny noted that Illyana only appeared in approximately six panels. Johnny scratched his head pondering why someone would claim this as a key comic. He wondered if maybe these people were fooled into believing it was a key comic as well. I mean everyone was saying it, so it must be true. Maybe the feared that they had been misinformed and now only had two choices. The first choice would be to take the loss and move on. The second would be to blindly except the premise of the others so as to not be had.

    Johnny was discouraged to say the least. He vowed from here on he would research himself and not let sales or others opinions sway him from making a mediocre purchase in the future.

    1. Rick, your opinion has been proven wrong, at every corner. Here is one last panel shot from UX160, showing Illyana returned from Limbo.

      This clearly shows that you have lied in order to try to prove that your opinion is right. You said the book only has a 6 yr old child entering a portal, when the panels in the book clearly shows Illyana returned, and aged, from Limbo. You have no leg to stand on, Rick.

      I have provided photo evidence, I have provided sales evidence, and I have provided the whole truth about the contents of the book. You have yelled and screamed about how you think that you don’t like the book,
      provided lengthy ad hominem fictional stories and lied or mislead about the whole contents of the book. Great argument. Smh. Factual evidence, or some guys falsified opinion. Decisions, decisions. I’m done proving you wrong. Sell all your XMen books, Rick. They are all garbage, except for your GSX1, the book that everyone wants, according to Rick, because it’s the first appearance of Illyana. 😂. Everyone knows that is the book to own for Illyana. 😂😂😂

      1. Sell your worthless New Mutants #87s too, Rick. Garbage book. Everyone knows Uncanny #201 is the 1st appearance of Cable. 🎤😂✌️

  10. Johnny noted that some people will do anything to prove they did not get scammed. It’s really sad to see some result to personal attacks. Illyana first appeared in Giant Size X-men #1. The one panel, I reiterate one panel, showing Illyana is a panel from the future. In other words Magik #1 – 4 happened before that panel took place.

    I don’t own any X-Men 160, those arguing for it, do possess copies. I ask readers who stands to benefit more from this being a first appearance?

    1. ‘in other words Magik 1-4 happened before’

      First you lie, Rick. You get caught in said lie, Rick. Then you resort to distorting the facts to try and save face, Rick.

      Yes, storywise, Storm and Illyana comes chronological first. That, however, is not the argument, Rick. UX160 was published a year before Storm and Illyana.

      First lies and now distorting facts. Your blatant dishonesty, Rick, has left you with no leg to stand on, Rick. ✌️

  11. On a more positive note, I finished reading Tom Kings The Vision 12 issue maxi the other day. I knew about the good reviews but, man, what a phenomenal story. I absolutely loved it. It was the best read that I have had in awhile. The way King wrote the whole family was brilliant, and the story telling was masterful. I highly recommend it to any super hero comic book fan.

    I have also caught up on Immortal Hulk. Another fantastic read. I’m really enjoying where Banners mindset is headed with his ‘world breaker, system is broken’ jazz. Bernie or Elizabeth Warren should get Banner to be their running mates. 😉

  12. Johnny notes that some people, when even confronted by facts, will do whatever it takes to ensure they make some sales. Follow the money, who stands to benefit more is usually the guilty one.

    Think for yourselves do not let the mob think for you.

  13. I love a good debate. the debate of 160 vs #1 is cut and dry. one is Illiaynna, the other is Magik. MUTANTS make this a very distinguishable event. Almost like a right of passage. A forming of a new person. But Yes there are people who try to peddle this 1st app nonsense on ebay, do you blame them? they are trying to sell a book. As for the terminology of “Adulthood” , I think you are mistaken in using that. “Adulthood is the moment when minors cease to be considered such and assume legal control over their persons, actions, and decisions, thus terminating the control and legal responsibilities of their parents or guardian over them. Most countries set the age of majority at 18” So with that in hand, if illiayna is not an adult, is it considered her “first app” ?

    1. The word adulthood, for the sake of your argument, Mike, is a matter of semantics.

      ‘Biologically, an adult is a human or other organism that has reached sexual maturity. In human context, the term adult additionally has meanings associated with social and legal concepts. … Human adulthood encompasses psychological adult development.’

      I used the word Adulthood as I thought it encompassed the characters change from an an adolescent. I did use the word teenager to describe her as well. With teenagers being an adult, biologically speaking. The character of Magik, to this day, is still a teenager, I think. I’m not sure exactly how old she currently is in marvel canon, but I think shes 19, maybe 21. She was 14 when she returned from Limbo w/ her sorcery skills and matured mutant abilities, in UX160. But she does manipulate time with her powers, so, hard to track I think.

      As for the question; if being an adult matters in ones argument towards a first appearance? I would say that it is subjective to each individual character, and/or reader/collector. Having said that, I personally don’t put much value in a baby or adolescent appearance if the character, as we now know them as a hero, is in a matured physical form (aka: an adult. Or whatever your personal interpretation of an adult is. Lawfully or biologically).

  14. When it really boils down to it, if you look closely at comics and how the market is manipulated by the mob, you will notice trends. Missing out and fear of missing out play huge roles in this.

    Some times you will see a book come out flaunting an appearance of a new character. If it’s a cameo, most will call it thus. If it’s a full appearance most will call it thus. Yet sometimes you will have people attempt to manipulate the market for one reason or another, normally to selfishly benefit themselves. It may be because they missed out on a true first appearance and can’t obtain a copy except at full blown retail. So they attempt to jump on their next chance at it with all the enthusiasm they can muster.

    This is further clouded by the cameo/first full debate. As you noticed recently with the Batman Beyond #36 and #37. Somebody was butt hurt they didn’t preorder 37 and now try to manipulate the market for their own selfish reasons.

    Regardless it is your responsibility alone to decide, given facts, what is right. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that most people have one agenda. That agenda is assuring their collection is worth as much as possible. However, not always the case, this unfortunate fact cannot be ignored.

  15. Ok cannot sleep, but i some speculation to get of chest. So, now that the April solicits are out I’ve noticed a few things but one in particular catches my eye.

    Werewolf by night #1 coming in April. States we get a new werewolf by night. Just so happens this week we get Ravencroft #1. I wager we get a first full new werewolf by night in this issue. Plus cool brown cover.


    1. Because it is not. A female (I believe) and the female werewolf was shown in a flashback previously. Yes I think it is unrelated. Still think it’s going to be a lower ordered Marvel horror book. So could be a great pickup.

  16. Also I apologize for my part in the heated conversation earlier. I could have made my point in a less provoking manner. Agree to disagree. 🤘

  17. Stepped away from comic-buying for a couple of months, but dipping my toes back in this week. Not a long list, but heavy on DC:

    Batman #87 (Cover A Tony S. Daniel)
    Batman #87 (Cover B Francesco Mattina Card Stock Variant)
    Batman Beyond #40 (Cover A Dustin Nguyen)
    Batman Beyond #40 (Cover B Francis Manapul)
    Batman Curse Of The White Knight #6 (Of 8)(Cover A Sean Murphy)
    Batman Curse Of The White Knight #6 (Of 8)(Cover B Sean Murphy)
    Batman Superman #6 (Cover B Mark Brooks Card Stock Variant)
    Red Hood Outlaw #42 (Cover B Philip Tan)
    Year Of The Villain Hell Arisen #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Steve Epting)
    Atlantis Attacks #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Rock-He Kim)

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