Throwback Thursday

The time machine was fixed but it malfunctioned when we escaped out of the year 1966, hurling us 13 years into the future to 1979.

So what debuted in February of 1979 that would result in one of the most well known artists to work with Daredevil, giving us a first taste and impression of what was to come for this character?

Well, none other than Frank Miller.

If you think this happened in a Daredevil title, think again! Frank Miller’s first time working with Daredevil happened in Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #27.

Frank Miller was a guest penciler in this issue for the interior art.

Enjoy the first 5 pages of this first of many Daredevil pencils by the great Frank Miller.

In this issue Daredevil also recounts his own origins that were told in Daredevil #1.

It was only two months later in May of the same year that Frank Miller did his first Daredevil title, which was Daredevil #158 where he did the interiors and the cover art. He went on to write and draw Daredevil. Some give credit to Miller for making Daredevil more mainstream hero.

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday”

  1. I picked up copies of SSM 27 & 28 on auction from infinity comics (great seller) last year for less than $30 for the pair. I was gonna flip them, but a friend of mine needed them for his PC so I gave them to him for cost. I still have seller’s remorse!!

  2. Style develops with time and Miller quite possibly was attempting to do what had been done before- Marvel likes this! – but he quickly established himself as a premier artist! I dig the cover myself, but it may be the miller fan in me!

  3. Frank’s art used to be so great… what happened. Maybe it’s the same and people who hate his politics are just gaslighting everyone, who knows.

    As an aside I can never find #27, but that damn #28 must pop up in every Sprier-Man dollar bin I ever look at, lol.

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