Poyo’s Spec and Drek for February 26th, 2020

Welcome to my own weekly spec which includes the weekly drek picks. I pick what I think will be winners, not only if you make money by flipping but winners as in either a great read or just awesome art.

Then there’s the pesky drek, the comic you should avoid altogether or not fall into the buying every variant trap.

DC Picks

Ummm..  Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #3. Do I really need to explain further? Didn’t think so.

Now the DC read pick. I’m a Swamp Thing fan and I’ve been enjoying these oversized Giant issues for only $3.99. So the other pick goes to Swamp Thing Giant #3.

Marvel Picks

Small week for Marvel, at least on my hit list. Just some reader pickups unless we get some juicy spoilers on Tuesday night!

Avengers of the Wasteland #2 is where we learn that the Captain America of this wastelands time period era is not Steve Rogers.

I doubt we’ll see heat but I’ve been enjoying the read for this new series.

The other pick this week is another read pick for me and that’s Ghost Rider #5. Longtime Ghost Rider fan and really enjoying this Ed Brisson story so far.

Indie and Small Publisher Picks

This first pick could be a sleeper hit out from Dark Horse. I know this type of book has it’s fan base so could be a good pickup and read. There’s also a pretty cool Scalera variant that’s already sold out at Midtown, at time of writing.

Hidden Society #1

A new series from Rafael Albuquerque and Rafael Scavone, the team behind Neil Gaiman’s A Study in Emerald!

Hidden Society #1 (Matteo Scalera & Moreno Dinisio Variant Cover)Hidden from ordinary eyes, there is a world alongside our own full of deities, demons, and danger–where magic wins out over science and dark secrets lie in wait.

Ulloo, the last wizard from the Hidden Society, enlists the aid of a blind girl and her demon, a young magician, and a cursed bounty hunter in order to stop a group of nihilist warlocks from waking the Society’s greatest nemesis: a primeval force that, unchecked, will scorch the planet bare of all life.

This one we had a sneak peek preview for and it’s on my read list of books. The art might not be for everyone in this one but I really like the gritty style.

Protector #2

First Knife leads his slavers south to retake the city of Shikka-Go.

The city is now home to a demon of the old world, but First Knife has a plan. His predecessors have fought such creatures before.

This next pick I got an advanced preview copy of and it was a entertaining read. It’s definitely a book for those who enjoyed We Can Never Go Home and 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank

Finger Guns #1

Two troubled teenagers discover they can manipulate emotions by firing finger guns.

There will be laughs.

There will be tears.

There will be uncomfortable teen feelings and angst.

Oh yeah… and chaos. So much chaos.

Now on with the dreaded “drek” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work. The book to avoid or not fall victim to in buying at ratio inflated prices.

Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #3. Wait a minute poyo, how can you make this a pick and a drek pick?

Well, don’t spend over cover price for this book. If you missed out, then you missed out. There’s a lot of FOMO going on with Punchline so just wait it out, there’s a likely chance this one drops in price more than likely if it continues to go up. So if you can’t snag at cover, just wait if you really really want it and can’t live without it.

6 thoughts on “Poyo’s Spec and Drek for February 26th, 2020”

  1. I’m with Poyo on this one, feels too contrived in regard to Hell Arise, I’m thinking I’m sitting this one out since I missed it at cover. No FOMO again for me.

  2. Yeah it is a little tough, what you’re saying about Punchline and missing it and not paying more than cover. My thoughts instantly go to that stupid little appearance of Batman Who Laughs in Teen Titans….I missed it and at this point, there is no going back and getting it cheap. It could be the same thing with Punchlinel

  3. Rumour is that YOTVHA 3 has a smaller print run than Batman 89. Only buy if cheap makes sense because majority of new comics are risky fads that can fluctuate greatly in price. The exception is the minority of comics always in demand with endless price increases. Chasing such comics even at higher price might be reasonable because their long term value may exceed cost..

    1. Well, that’s an easy assumption based on previous print run numbers. But I also think DC upped the print for HA3 since they were telling retailers there’s plenty to be ordered when all this news broke. But it’ll be smaller than BM89. My guess is BM89 will be around the 58-62k mark. HA3 my guess would be it’s around the 40k mark. But those are my assumptions.

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