Variant Picks of the Week for February 26th, 2020

Any fan of Lee Bermejo will likely have this one on their list. I dig his art style. He’s perfect for the Dark Knight. This one is Detective Comics #1020. The only downside is, it’s a cardstock cover. So unless you pre-ordered, it’s gonna be a buck more at the local shop.

Detective Comics #1020 (Card Stock Lee Bermejo Variant)

Scalera has his fans. Count me one of them. Basketful of Heads #5 has a variant cover by Scalera. It’s not his best work but this one still pulls me in, maybe it’s the creep factor in it. Could you imagine seeing this guy standing outside your window?

Basketful of Heads #5 (of 7) (Matteo Scalera Variant)

Ant-Man #2 has a pretty cool 1:25 ratio variant of the new villains. If you can find at cover or cheap, might not be a bad pickup. If you can’t find for dirt cheap, wait, chances are you can win this one at auction for a fraction of the price.

I really enjoy Federici’s cover art. So if you can snag this next one for cheap, not a bad pickup for Avengers of the Wasteland #2 1:25 ratio variant.

Kyle Hotz is a great underrated artist if you ask me. We need more Hotz variant covers. This one for Scream Curse of Carnage #4 is a really cool looking ratio variant.

The silly but it’s still cool variant goes to Spider-Ham #3 Nakayama variant. It’s a ratio variant and I doubt most shops will have this one available.

4 thoughts on “Variant Picks of the Week for February 26th, 2020”

    1. There’s love, just no more heat on those covers and starting to get a bit redundant. Just like Artgerm, I can appreciate them but I don’t normally pick them most weeks unless there’s really nothing else going on.

      1. I hear what your saying. Then again I personally don’t get any of Jenny’s cover unless they are limited and or of this one being mentioned .

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