Batman #92 – Punchline First Look Spoiler Page

Yesterday we got the first look at the upcoming Batman #92 ratio variant that DC released. Now CHU got a hold of her introduction page/pane in Batman #92 where she goes on in a few more panes, confronting Harley Quinn and Catwoman.

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Spoilers follow. If you don’t like any type of spoilers, do not click next.

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10 thoughts on “Batman #92 – Punchline First Look Spoiler Page”

  1. I like that panel better than the 1:25, so far, and the 1:25 is really nice.
    Jimenez’s art is top notch, especially considering deadlines.
    I imagine that these books will be in high demand, if she becomes silver screen material. I guess that goes without saying, though, usually.

  2. Imo, Batman 89 will be the book to own if this character ends up with any staying power. Maybe HA3 due to the lower print. But there will be a very high number of these 92 ratios, and it will be Punchlines 3rd appearance, at least. I don’t think her (Punchline) being on the cover will supercede the fact that it is, at least, her 3rd appearance.

  3. Best example Of this situation might be Teen Titans 12 vs. Dark Nights Metal 3 Mattina virgin store variant.

    Despite not being a first, the scarcity and love for that DNM3 cover art puts it toe to toe with TT12 nearly 3 years later…

    TT12 in 9.8 still wins, but it’s not a blow out.

  4. Any idea what the print size was for hell arrisen 3. It was a ghost on release in the UK. I pre-ordered 2 copies that have just been dispatched. I was told by a comic shop dude that nightwing 72 will be important as its punchlines 1st solo story and will be a smallish print run.

  5. Cheers Agentpoyo and Justin. Plus big thanks Anthony for all the spec news on punchline. Sterling work Sir. Lets hope the designer and punchline stick around long term.

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