One Week Later Report for March 11th, 2020

Welcome once again to another installment of the One Week Later Report. Usually these are books that heated up or were good pick up for flipping, even going as far to report if books fell flat and you can now find at cheaper prices.

This week we’ll cover the books released on 03/04/2020.

Anyone tired of Punchline and The Designer yet? Ready for the next wave of new characters coming out of Tynions early run of Batmam? Well, Batman #90 is at the top of the list for this one week later report whether you like it or not.

Sets of both covers, A & B sold has high as $55. A single cover A went as high as $37.99.

How did everyone do grabbing a copy of these? I pre-ordered a Cover A myself but actually found a Cover B at the shop on Saturday at my local shop, which surprised me to be honest.

Things have cooled off a bit since last week though but these are still selling anywhere from $10 to $20, depending on shipping costs or free shipping included, etc.

You can still find this next book at online retailers and likely at your local shops still but Image said the second printing was an “emergency” so it’s been rushed back for a new printing. Although I can attest that the story in Mercy #1 from Mirka Andolfo is great and the art is fantastic, I’m not buying Image’s marketing tactics. But it’s still a book to pick up if you haven’t already.

I must also mention, some of the retailer variants are doing pretty good on the secondary market. That’s if you found them for cheap. I wouldn’t bet long term on these unless this book takes off organically, which most will seek out the regular covers and particularly cover A.

Which cover caught your attention if you picked this one up?

Most other books can be found at local shops or online. If there’s a book you wanna talk about or I missed from last week, speak up in the comments or in the forums.

9 thoughts on “One Week Later Report for March 11th, 2020”

  1. So I know some retailers are selling their stash of ECCC covers online, but I would be skeptical of any presales for these right now as ReedPOP has not confirmed when, or even if, the con will take place. If they are in hand and from a creator/company it is one thing, but from a seller on Ebay it is a whole other crap shoot.

  2. Hey Jim, let me know when you are ready and I’ll let you know where to preorder.

    Also for those who speculate on child heroes, Aqua girl/Aqua baby first cover is upcoming Aquaman #58

  3. I got 2 of Batman 90 cover A from one shop. I ordered a mail subscription of Batman. I’m thinking with the other First Appearances, Joker War and 100th issue, the $25 price should be well worth it. My local library gets subscription copies and they usually are in pretty good condition when they put them out.

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