Throwback Thursday

Got the time machine fixed but we decided to stay back in the past, in fact, we’re going back to 1965.

This week’s Throwback spotlights the first time Captain America’s Origin Story is retold in the Silver Age.

This occurred in Tales of Suspense #63 which debuted in March of 1965.

Great book for any die hard Captain America fans and collectors out there as I know his first true appearance is out of the reach for most.

I’m keeping this weeks Throwback short and sweet.


14 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday”

  1. Love that book. We see a couple copies a year and it never stays.

    Got a call from Diamond yesterday wanting to clarify whether my FCBD books should come UPS or LTL. It’s a shipment around 1100lb so it’s a valid question. But the rep had no answer for me when I asked why FCBD hadn’t already been canceled or postponed. With so many areas banning gatherings of 250+ people, how can the industry justify promoting an event where 3,000 different comic shops will have hundreds (if not thousands) of people through the door? Even if the medical concerns are overblown, the optics are terrible. The efforts at “flattening the curve” mean we will still be seeing fresh cases all summer. I had 1800 attendees last year in a store smaller than 2000sf.

    But Diamond is going forward as planned. We are all getting billed as planned. And if the event get postponed in mid April, we will all be stuck with thousands of free comics we have to store for months.

    1. I was thinking about booking some flights to Maui for kids spring break next two weeks.. flights were so cheap. Got spare bedrooms? 🙂

      1. I’d be cautious about this. There is a very good chance the US will be shutting down all passenger traffic (leaving cargo intact) for a couple weeks. If that happens while you are on vaca, it’s one thing to be 300 miles from home needing to take a bus back because your flight is canceled. It’s quite another to be in Hawaii unable to get home.

        1. I wouldn’t mind being stuck in Hawaii.. that’s the very reason I was thinking about doing it. I could totally be a beach bum for several months. 🙂

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