Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 112

Greeting to my Comics Heating Up Family. You are a blessing in my life. Thanks for four great years of Hidden Gems. Justice League Dark #20, The Flash #50, 51, and 52, Batman #90, and Daredevil #18 are my reads of the week. I loved the Flash #750. Crazy times right now, please be safe when traveling, wash your hands, and wear gloves. Hidden Gems wants to make gloves great again #testify. Now let’s make money with comics cause you can’t teach that.

1. The Flash #50, 51, 52 (New 52 Series)- did everyone see The Batman Riddler movie pictures? I am excited to see a new movie Riddler. I just read this story and it is now my favorite Riddler story. The war of Jokers and Riddler was cool. Hush is a classic, but watching the Riddler punk out the Flash and the Rogues was just special. These are cheap books, dollar box to five bucks tops kind of cheap. happy hunting

2. GI  Joe a Real American Hero #51 – Sgt. Slaughter in GI Joe is #awesomesauce. Brings back the teenager in me. The interesting thing about Sgt. Slaughter in comics is he only made four official appearances in Joe comics. #48 which is his first. He can’t appear in new stuff because he turned heal and the deal for his likeness expired like old milk. He did make two in the shadows appearances in issues #200 and 214, and again in GI Joe America’s Elite #25 and #30. You must hunt these issues and that’s an order $5-10

3. Teen Titans #38 and #42 – I am most likely the only person specing on CW Arrowverse and Archieverse shows #awesomesauce. More books for me. Batwoman is a great show, watch an episode, drink a Mikes Hard Lemonade, grab a slice of pizza, and relax buddy. The show just used the Jokers Daughter so I am hoping Enigma, the so called Riddlers daughter, can be used? Geoff Jones Teen Titans is a great read with sweet art and Enigma is ginger gold. #testify. $1-5 Batman Family #6, speaking of Deulla Dent. She was great in live action. The show used the new 52 Deulla for inspiration. Even cut off the face. So Catwoman #23-24, the speculation classic 2013’s Batman #89, Batman the Dark Knight 23.4 aka The Jokers Daughter #1 are all worth picking up. I am surprised those books still go for decent money. if your going to invest go with the bronze age stuff. Batman Family #6 is a great book and tough in high grade, #9 is her second appearance and the New Suicide Squad #2 had a sweet Jokers Daughter variant $20 and up the Jokers Daughter needs cosplay love. #testify

4. Boris the Bear #6 – Boris was an early Dark Horse comic that was just awesomesauce. It spoofed so many characters in it’s run and was fun to read. Issue #6 gets the spotlight for an early work by Rob Liefeld. This came about a year after his first work in Megaton #5 came out. Megaton was such great series. This issue features a pinup of Boris the Bear by Rob and it is awesome, even has feet. (Thanks to Jesse James at Jesse James comics for this one.

6. Megaton #4 – I just mentioned Megaton being a great series. Megaton #3 gets the love for first Savage Dragon. Issue #6 is Liefeld’s first work. But issue 4 should get some love for being the second appearance of Savage Dragon (Prototype).  Also some cool comics by underground comic legend Grass Green

7. Megaton #8 – First appearance of Youngblood. Many cool things come out of this series. Youngblood appears in promotional art.

8. Amazing Spiderman Annual #26 – first solo Venom. Venom plus 1990’s over printed book equals money. Venom is having a second movie and Donny Cates is kicking ass and taking names with the current series. I am surprised this book doesn’t go for more $5-10

9. Robocop vs the Terminator #1 – I am excited for the upcoming Transformers vs Terminator mini series. Between that and the epic rap battles of history between Robocop and Terminator,  and the Terminator owns Robocop in that rap. I did some research and found this series features Frank Miller writing and Walt Simonson art goodness. There is a platinum variant for #1 and the four issue series can be found for $10-20 just a classic, now go listen to the battle rap

well that is all.have a great week. untill next time
blind adam out

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  1. Wasn’t there a Venom Solo story in Annual 25? Not 100% but I think that’s the one. Still doesn’t sell for anything…

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